Monday, October 06, 2008

Corfu-Kerkyra # 1

If you are here reading this you will realise that I have not joined in with Fun Monday this week. Instead I'm beginning to relive my recent holiday to Corfu.

We arrived at our Hotel in the old port area of Corfu Town after dark so it wasn't really until the next day that we had a real look at where we were staying. Corfu has a very interesting history if anyone is keen to know more about this Greek Island that had strong ties with Britain.
Below is a picture of the hotel that I took from the square opposite. We had a room overlooking the sea and part of the port where they are planning to build a new marina.
Below is the view we saw every day we opened the small balcony doors. You can see mainland Greece in the background.
Looking to the left from our window we could see the new fort (will be telling you more about this another day).
Just opposite the hotel was a little square, where you could sit and enjoy the scenery. In the background of this last picture you can see Vidos Island and I took a lot of photos when we visited the island (will show you these in another post).
So this is my way of introducing you to an island, that has some beautiful coast lines, many churches and very friendly people.

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At 6/10/08 23:06, Blogger elena jane said...

beautiful shots chris!! :)

At 6/10/08 23:08, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

You wouldn't have a hard time convincing me to visit there. Gorgeous.

At 6/10/08 23:49, Blogger wendishness said...

Great photos, enjoying the armchair ride!

At 7/10/08 01:32, Blogger karisma said...

Beautiful, the water looks so blue. I would have been outside everyday!

At 7/10/08 07:37, Blogger Steffi said...

Very beautiful pictures,Chris!It looks really warm!Here is it cold and wet!Enjoy the sun there!

At 7/10/08 09:59, Blogger bermudabluez said...

Looks like a beautiful place to visit! My nail guy told me that the islands of Greece are just beautiful....and he travels ALOT!

At 7/10/08 12:37, Blogger Aoj and The Lurchers said...

It looks lovely Chris, can't wait to see more!

At 7/10/08 12:44, Blogger Asha said...

How I wish I was there right now!! Kitchen is gone, dining room is full of stuff, we have to survive like that for few more weeks! Wish I was at the beach or something!:)

Take care.

At 7/10/08 14:49, Blogger Jettie said...

first thanks for oyur well wishes. Iam still crying. hard not to start out the day seeing her and chatting with her!!
Those are beautiful picks!! looks like a very interesting place!! can't wait to hear more!!

At 7/10/08 16:21, Anonymous daffy said...

Wow, it looks lovely. I've been to Crete and I loved that. (Too hot though!) Have I told you that before? I'm terrible for repeating myself. Must be my age. Must be my age.
Can't wit to here more of your travels! Lovely to have you back though!

At 7/10/08 16:27, Blogger Sam said...

i hope you are going to tell us about the food

At 7/10/08 17:19, Blogger Lil Mouse said...

beautiful pictures!

At 7/10/08 19:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh so want to go back to Corfu now.
I just love the Greek islands, can't wait to see more, more, more.

At 8/10/08 02:03, Blogger kitten said...

Glad you had a wonderful time! Beautiful. I left Thursday and didn't get home till late Sunday night. I have been so busy since I got home I haven't had time to visit. Hoping my week slows down soon!

At 8/10/08 05:25, Blogger Alison said...

just gorgeous. I think my cousin is building a house there.


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