Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mezcal with agave worm!

I found this languishing at the back of one of my food cupboards. It must have been there many years because I think it must have been bought by Sam before she moved to the US!
I'm not sure that I would ever drink it but the quality of the alcohol must be good as the worm remains perfectly preserved. So what shall I do with it...put it back in the cupboard and forget it again....any suggestions!

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At 11/10/08 19:35, Blogger Sam said...

I think it is dad's. If it was mine wouldn't I have drunk it by now?

At 11/10/08 20:28, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam Did you buy it for him then because it has a London address on the bottle. I thought it came with all the other bits and pieces from your flat!

At 11/10/08 21:34, Anonymous swampy said...

Dip it in an egg/milk batter, dredge in flour, drop in hot grease, eat it and "warsh" it down with what's left of the KeeTeeLa.

At 11/10/08 21:44, Blogger ChrisB said...

swampy I'd have to be starving LOL hehehe!

At 11/10/08 22:13, Blogger kitten said...

Drink it! They say the worm is good!
I'm only joking, but they do say that. I bet it is by the time you get to the bottom. LOL!
Just put it back. Someone will claim it one day. :)

At 12/10/08 07:22, Blogger wendishness said...

hahaha get into it and then try and chat online! ;)

At 12/10/08 10:04, Blogger Sally said...


At 12/10/08 13:56, Blogger Team Gherkin said...

Whatever you do, do not consume it! It'll pickle your liver! rofl :) Let alone the worm... we'd have to tie you to the back fence to stop you running off in some crazy psychadelic adventure!

At 13/10/08 14:59, Blogger Rayne said... could display it in a shadow box and a fascinating bug find like they did in the victorian ages or possibly give it a proper burial? The embalming process is already done.

At 21/11/08 00:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep it for a long time then sell it


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