Monday, October 13, 2008

Details of Secret Ornament Exchange 2008

I don't know what is happening to me this is the second week that I have not joined in with Fun Monday # 87 and I am very disappointed in myself because,as I've said before, I have missed very few of these since they first began. Maybe I'll be back next week we'll see!

In the meantime some of you may recall around this time last year Julie organised an ornament swap. It was so successful that she is organising another swap year. This is what she says:

By request, and because last year’s exchange was really fun, I am happy to announce the 2008 Secret Ornament Exchange!! Calling one and all to sign up to participate!

If you choose to participate you are agreeing to mail a NEW, STORE BOUGHT Christmas ornament to your assigned person. You can spend any amount you wish on the ornament but please send one you would proudly display on your own tree.

To sign up please send me an email (abbilyeverafterAThotmailDOTcom) with your name, site URL and standard mailing address. The deadline to enter is October 31. Please put “ornament swap” in the subject line.

By Nov. 7 I will email each participant with the name, site URL and mailing address of the person they are to mail an ornament to. I will only share your name/mailing address with the person assigned to mail to you.

All ornaments should be in the mail no later than December 1 - preferably sooner for any going to, or coming from, overseas. That way they should all arrive well before Christmas and after everyone’s trees are up!

Let’s see if we can increase the number of participants this year. Last year we had 38 swappers - hailing from 6 different countries and 12 different U.S. states. So sign up! Please feel free to post a note about this on your own blogs - all are welcome and the more the merrier!

I'm sure those who participated last year will be keen to do so again and anyone who didn't know about it might like to join in. All you need to do is let Julie know it would be lovely if we could help Julie increase the number of participants.

Another Corfu Picture
On my recent trip to Corfu there were a lot of people taking pictures of the group as we all met up for dinner one night. You will see that the camera is sitting on top of a bottle and had been pre-set. I thought as I was sitting behind the camera I was quite safe. But Mandy had managed to get a few sneaky photos of me and they arrived by email a couple of days ago. Good job I wasn't doing anything horrendous like picking my nose...oh and don't read too much into the fact there are so many empty bottles down this end of the table most of those are water; the small brown jugs held the wine!!!

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At 13/10/08 20:05, Blogger Sam said...

what a fab idea!! I have already visited that blog and signed up!!

At 13/10/08 20:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right, where is the one of you picking your nose then?
You look lovely!
I like the ornament idea.... what fun!

At 13/10/08 21:05, Blogger Sally said...

That's a clever idea.
Lovely photo of you!!

At 14/10/08 00:14, Blogger Alison said...

what a great idea, I love ornament exchanges...I will definitely sign up!!

I missed FM this week also, first time for me since I started!!

At 14/10/08 03:16, Blogger {i}Post said...

I will visit and sign up! What fun :0) Missed you for Fun Monday!

At 14/10/08 03:20, Anonymous Kila said...

For a sneaky photo, it's a good one :)

At 14/10/08 11:21, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...


you look just lovely...... :)


At 14/10/08 17:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

ipost sorry I didn't join in: glad you and Alison signed up for the swap.

marmi yes do join in just email Julie with your details.

At 14/10/08 18:23, Blogger john.g. said...

Aah, the flush of youth/wine! *ducks*

At 14/10/08 18:31, Anonymous Bombastic Bandicoot said...

Pretty picture of you!

At 14/10/08 22:43, Blogger Bombastic Bandicoot said...

Yes, thanks Chris! This blogging business is becoming quite fun! I'm learning more everyday and should really be working right now...:O)

At 15/10/08 03:54, Blogger kitten said...

Thats you in the black with flowers? You are a lovely lady and it's nice to see the face behind the blog.

At 18/10/08 07:40, Blogger wendishness said...

Great pic of you Chris! I like that idea about the Christmas ornament swap, I might join in on that! :)


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