Saturday, October 20, 2007

Up up and away~ not today!

In the UK it is compulsory to place your name on the Electoral Register to vote in elections and referendums. However, not every household returns their forms and these have to be followed up through personal visits. Today Embee and I have been out all day chasing up some of these forms. We do get paid for this, albeit not very much for the amount of effort it takes. When the weather is warm and reasonably sunny like today I quite enjoy it. Over the years you get used to visiting the same households, I'm always amused by the reasons excuses people have for not having returned their forms. It was rather funny to find a couple of houses where the wife confidently said "my husband posted it" for them to then admit the forms were still in the car. Someone else said we've been talking about that~ excuse me forget talking about it just fill the form and post it. I felt so sad for one elderly lady whose husband had died four days ago and today would have been their wedding anniversary, I think she said it would have been 43 years. I was pleased that she had all her family with her today.
An added bonus is that Embee meets me for lunch at one of the pubs in the area and this helps the day along. Towards the end of the day, with only five more houses to visit before I headed home, I saw a hot air balloon gradually loosing height and eventually landing in one of the fields. That's when I wished I had my camera, I nearly put it in the car but decided I wouldn't need it~ wrong again! As I was writing this I remembered that back in August I took a photo of a very similar balloon that floated over the gardens one evening so that's what I'm posting.
I'm sure everyone else will be watching the rugby rather than blogging. Embee did tell me the score so far and England are currently trailing which is not good news. However there's still time for them to reverse this~ I must send positive vibes!!
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At 20/10/07 23:07, Blogger Kahless said...

Guess the positive vibes didn't work!!

I see from your profile that you are from Bristol; for me, hot air ballons are synonymous with Bristol - whenever I am there I always see one!

I remember one year volunteering to count votes at a local election; never again! So go on you for doing the registration chasing.

At 20/10/07 23:43, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Wow - if you don't turn your register in someone actually comes and visits you? Here if you don't do it - you are tough out of reminder call. Nada. I am impressed with England.

At 21/10/07 00:12, Blogger willowtree said...

We don't have people chasing up to make sure you're on an Electoral Roll, which is strange, given that voting is compulsory!

Do you work on the Census too?

At 21/10/07 02:48, Blogger frannie said...

that's interesting about the balloons-- are they common?

At 21/10/07 05:00, Blogger her indoors said...

i never knew that, might be because i always send mine back, well i do it on line now.
i did last Census i enjoyed it too.
love the air balloon oh if only we could be that free!

At 21/10/07 05:00, Blogger her indoors said...

i never knew that, might be because i always send mine back, well i do it on line now.
i did last Census i enjoyed it too.
love the air balloon oh if only we could be that free!

At 21/10/07 08:18, Blogger ChrisB said...

kathless no positives vibes didn't work mores the pity.
Bristol being the home of Cameron Ballooons means we do see them quite often.

karmyn we even have to give two calls five days apart. However this does mean there is around a 99.9% return.

WT haven't done the census since the 8o's. Now that is hard work.

frannie cameron ballooons are famous world wide and they are made here so we do see quite a lot and you can do a ballooon ride.

her indoors I see you can do it online but i just return my form. I might have to think about doing the next census if I'm still able in 2011, it might earn me enough for a holiday!

At 21/10/07 18:05, Blogger Beccy said...

They come around to the door here and ask verbally, we don't have to fill in a form.

I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you.

At 21/10/07 18:17, Blogger elena jane said...

best of luck hunting down all those missing the balloon :-)

At 21/10/07 20:01, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy you are very lucky then. I'm glad we don't have to do that for everyone. That is similar to what we used to do~ deliver form one week collect next and then do a follow up if they were out.

eleana jane I visited about 170 houses this weekend and only managed to get about 90 forms completed. So quite a few to go yet!

At 22/10/07 09:18, Blogger my4kids said...

Like Karmyn it's always just meant you were out of luck if you don't turn in your forms. In Oregon all voting was through mail in ballots anyways. Alaska is different though you actually go to voting booths.


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