Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday 40 Photo Challenge # 3 Turndown Service

Robin's challenge this week is sensual~ well I believe there has been a survey which says women would give up sex before chocolate!

So girls this week we could get lucky and get a treat from these ladies because THEY'VE OFFERED TO SHARE SOME OF THEIR TREATS WITH PENSIEVE READERS! How good is that~ so ya'all need to join in!

"It was very nice of you to clean the sheets for me, but I'm married, I'm going to have to turn you down..."

OK I own up I had help so if a sample was coming my way it would have to go to Sam~ darn it!

2007: A day for quiet reflection

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At 16/5/08 08:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm chocolates or sex, have to think about that one! nah no competition there made my choice!

At 16/5/08 11:55, Blogger Steffi said...

Nice photos!I like the bed photo!
Have a nice Friday!

At 16/5/08 12:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aah.. Nothing like a good king size hotel bed! The one we slept in on our visit to Vegas was the best!

Must post the pic where I flopped onto it as soon as we checked in!

Have a great weekend.

At 16/5/08 12:43, Blogger Asha said...

Oh, that bed looks so cozy and comfy!!
You know the Sheraton Time share property we bought, they have this luxurious bed called "Heavenly bed" and it really is so fluffy and soft, can't wait to go there in Dec!:)

Have a great weekend, enjoy. See you a bit late on Monday. We have to go to local University for Trisha's next year tuition scheduling. She finished all High school credits a year early, so will be sent to college by the county for 12th grade/first year college.

At 16/5/08 14:30, Anonymous nikki said...

Uh.....can I have both chocolate and sex? Who needs to decide between the two! Have your cake and eat it too!

At 16/5/08 14:41, Blogger karisma said...

Marvelous! Thats it Im sending you a double prize in the mail!

Your link at Robins is not working...I came via my blog instead!

At 16/5/08 16:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL very good I like the word play :)

At 16/5/08 16:41, Blogger ChrisB said...

tootsie when I went to Vegas with Sam we had an hotel upgrade and I've got photos of us jumping on the bed; it was so springy and comfortable.

Asha I think your time share sounds wonderful, Dec seems along way off but you have something to look forward to!
Trisha'a has done well you must be so proud of her.

nikki that sounds good!

karisma thanks for letting me know about the link~I've added another.

alix that's my clever daughter-not me!

At 16/5/08 18:32, Anonymous Robin said...

Chris (and Sam),

V e r y cute, you two! Punny and funny :). So glad you decided to join in Chris; no matter what you do, you always add personality to the mix. Thanks!

At 16/5/08 19:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really do want to jump in that bed....just to mess up the neatness!
I'm not a real lover of chocolate... guess I'm just a lover then! :o)

At 16/5/08 20:36, Blogger ChrisB said...

robin glad you enjoyed the double entendre!

daffy I could love choc a bit too much!!

At 16/5/08 22:49, Blogger Kim said...

How clever! Made me laugh. Thanks! :)

Mine is up finally...come on over.

At 17/5/08 00:27, Blogger Chel said...

Do I have to give up one or the other?

At 17/5/08 01:09, Blogger Dillo said...

Funny! Gives "Turn Down Service" a whole new (but not necessarily positive) meaning!

At 17/5/08 03:37, Blogger Mariposa said...

Poor turn him down! Get the chocolates though!

My entry is up!

At 17/5/08 05:40, Blogger Grand Life said...

I'm trying hard to think of a hotel that I've stayed at that looks that good. Sun Valley comes close. When we vacation travel we usually use "home exchanges" and the owner always leaves a great welcome basket. There was a great bed in the master bedroom in England that I remember fondly.

At 18/5/08 06:21, Blogger Pamela said...

big guffaws from my side of the pond. ha ha ha.

At 18/5/08 16:19, Blogger Carrie Sue said...

That's too cute. There's nothing better than being a little naive.

At 19/5/08 01:22, Blogger Karla said...

Too funny!!


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