Monday, October 05, 2009

Fun Monday # 137 A love of Autumn

This week Hoosier Girl over at The Coffee Table has set us the task of......

Showing or telling what we love about fall (or as we would call it Autumn) - images, smells, sights, activities.

So what does autumn mean to me:

Animals get ready to hibernate, well my tortoises do and I watch the squirrels gathering food for the long winter months ahead.

Umbrellas come out for rainy days- actually this is something I don't like about autumn

Trees change colour and lose their leaves. I love walking at this time of the year.

Unpredictable weather- it can be warm, frosty, foggy, cold, or damp, rainy, and windy.

Mid-day sun is a real pleasure on some autumn days. Last week I was still able to sit outside and enjoy the warmth. When it gets too cold and we have frosty mornings I still hope for some sun to help the day along.

Nights draw in, and whilst I'm not that keen on the long dark winter, there is something quite nice about being indoors, with the curtains closed, tucked up and cosy. I've even been thinking about having a real fire this year.

I leave you with an autumn picture of my garden which I have used before but it looks very much the same every year.

2008: Sundays Sunset Sunrise Meme
2007: Le Creuset
2006: Animal Farm

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At 5/10/09 18:55, Anonymous wendishness said...

We are missing out, see we don't even have squirrels here :(

great post, I loved how you used Autumn to highlight your points!

At 5/10/09 19:05, Anonymous Janis said...

I love to watch the squirrels gather the acorns and hide them, they are so comical. You know the cold weather is coming when you see them do this. Pretty coloful photos..thanks for sharing.

At 5/10/09 19:59, Blogger Lil Mouse said...

oooh no one else did that with the letters, how pretty, and how nice your garden is!

At 5/10/09 22:50, Blogger Faye said...

So ChrisB, I've learned something new from your today--tortoise hibernate? Exactly how do yours do that? Love the way you organized your thoughts on autumn. One thing I love about the season is the uncertainty of what may happen--sun shine, rain, wind, warm , cold? Not just the same boring sunny day. In just a bit I'm closing up the house for the evening--love that feeling of drawing your home around you. Your autumn photo collage is worthy of a frame!

At 6/10/09 15:17, Anonymous margaret said...

Ooooh! I've always been unsure of whether to call it Fall or Autumn...and since I've spent equal parts of my life in the USA and Ireland, I guess that explains it! I liked how you picked a thought for each letter!

If I remember correctly, by the time midwinter comes, it gets dark around 4pm in Ireland and the UK. I remember walking home from school and looking at the nearly-complete sunset! Interesting things happen at the more northern latitudes :-)

At 6/10/09 17:14, Blogger Beccy said...

Go for the real fire, I'm hoping to get back my fireplace for real fires!

At 7/10/09 03:08, Blogger Brother Dave said...

Oh yes… a balmy day in Autumn makes this season more special.

At 7/10/09 07:37, Blogger Pamela said...

very clever!
Our fish go into some kind of stasis, too. We just have to make sure that the ice doesn't completely cover the pond during a freeze.


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