Sunday, October 04, 2009

Shine on Harvest Moon

This morning my mother woke me up well before 7am to look at the Harvest Moon. I haven't done it justice in these photos but it was beautiful.

We've been in the garden, this morning, doing a few jobs. I've been putting away the furniture for the winter, there was a chill to the air and it felt very autumnal. Embee has been doing some pruning and he's extended the planter ready for next year.

It might not look much different but it's a lot deeper and, although, it will only give us a few more feet, hopefully the extra space will be enough to grow a few more vegetables.

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At 4/10/09 14:45, Blogger Amrita said...

Tonight I also took a photo of the new moon. I have yet to upload it and post it as a header.

OUr moon looks lovley Chris.

At 4/10/09 14:51, Blogger karisma said...

Lovely! I was so tempted to take a picture tonight too! I went to get TC from work and then she was hungry when we got home so I forgot!

At 4/10/09 15:19, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

I saw that moon, didnt think to take a photo though, yours has come out pretty good :)

love the new veggie plot.... you certainly need it by the looks of that huge veggie taking over all the space LOL


At 4/10/09 15:33, Blogger john.g. said...

Good pics Chris! It was cold here this morning! 4c!

At 4/10/09 22:07, Blogger Beccy said...

Soon they'll be no grass left for the tortoises!

At 4/10/09 22:32, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy well maybe they will eat the plants as a protest!

Mamie that is actually several sprouting plants but I confess I didn't realise when embee planted them that they would grow so big. They had better produce enough for some decent meals.

At 5/10/09 00:38, Anonymous Janis said...

Darn it...I forgot all about the harvest moon las night...those are great photos.

At 5/10/09 18:56, Anonymous wendishness said...

Ours was a gorgeous yellow the other night as it was getting ready to set, but I was too scared to go out in the dark by myself to take a photo of it.

At 6/10/09 01:59, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Growing gardens by bits is probably a very good idea.


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