Monday, August 06, 2007

Fun Monday# 28

I know I shouldn't keep you all in the kitchen but I had decided on the topic before I realised we would be snooping into fridges last week. However, as it kind off carries on I stuck with it and the fact that I had 'one already half prepared' had nothing to do with it!! Actually the truth is I wanted to see Willowtree in his pinnie (aka apron) and don't pretend you don't!!

So in case anyone has forgotten I wanted you to
'show your aprons' it can be your favourite or an unusual one or more than one. Be creative as you like;
and secondly if, like me, you have lots of 'tea towels' that are brand new (or could be an old favourite) I would like to see those as well and hear the story behind the picture- was it a gift from a holiday, a present from auntie that you only use when she visits etc...........

Let's go and see what everyone else wears in the kitchen!!

You will find my post below this one. Also If I've missed anyone off the list please let me know thank you.

Nikki (remember she's moved)
Swampwitch is posting before taking off on her broomstick so topic might be hit or miss!
lil mouse
Robin post will be up late Monday or Tuesday just so you know.
Lisa is on vacation but will be scheduling her post now I call that real devotion :)
Beckie **** Hosting next week****
Happy Working Mom
Tiger Lamb Girl
Tiggerlane she warned me she cooks 'nekkid' (I suspect the emphasis is on the 'kid' !!)
Amy w
Fianna (posting early as she's on vacation)
Stephanie(mama drama)
Her Indoors welcome
Joy t
Mischief Mollie ( I'm so thrilled my grand daughter has entered this week- Mollie I think you are the youngest blogger to participate in Fun Monday)
Misslionheart"(welcome) Guys you MUST take a peep!!!
Now remember to sign up for next week over with Beckie at Give it a Try and we will be looking for a volunteer to host the following week. It's your chance to choose a topic and set the assignment so don't be shy give it a try!!



At 6/8/07 09:30, Blogger la bellina mammina said...

What a collection you have there! I don't even have an apron (sad to say:-)

At 6/8/07 09:31, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I haven't managed to get the photo taken. YET. I'm aiming to do it today. AIMING is the key word.


At 6/8/07 11:59, Blogger Mischief Monkey said...

PLZ add me on your fun MOnday list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 6/8/07 13:08, Blogger Asha said...

Hope you had a great weekend Chris.Mollie started a blog too.Cool!Should be interesting to see those Aprons!:))

At 6/8/07 13:41, Blogger JennieBoo said...

I just noticed I've already requested and have been added to the list.

Thank goodness!

I'll go take my pics and will post a lil' later...Thanks!

At 6/8/07 15:02, Blogger Karina said...

OOOPs, I could have sworn I'd commented earlier saying I'd be joining in...but last week was a bit of a blur, so it appears I didn't!

Please add me to the list, I'm putting mine up as we speak!


At 6/8/07 15:46, Blogger ChrisB said...

karina you are on the list :)

At 6/8/07 16:29, Blogger JennieBoo said...

I have played, despite the fact that my pics won't load! (IRRITATING!)

This was such a fun "Fun Monday"! Thanks, Chris!

Happy Monday & rest of the week, all!

At 6/8/07 17:13, Blogger Melanie said...

oooops- I totally forgot!

At 6/8/07 18:21, Anonymous dawn said...

I have a late Fun Monday entry.

At 6/8/07 20:30, Blogger Deborah said...

Hi Chris... sorry I'm late, but it's finally up! Been one of those days! ;-) Am going to start browsing now!

At 7/8/07 17:38, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I'm sorry I didn't get my post in - but you will see why when I get my post written today. (just too dang busy and tired).


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