Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jet Boat Niagara

Yesterday I mentioned the Whirlpool Jet Boat whitewater ride and left you wondering whether or not we rose to the challenge! My friends were not overly keen but with a lot of gentle cajoling they caved in. This trip is best pre-booked and you have to sign a disclaimer (that got us worried!) and you need to be prepared to get wet, wet, very very wet. So spare clothes are a must but they do have changing facilities so it's quite well organised.
We did worry (unnecessarily as it turns out) that we had to leave all our valuables in the car and the fact that this would be well known making the cars an obvious target for theft. We did find new scratches and marks on the car so we weren't sure if someone had tried to prise open the boot or not.
You are provided with a rain coat, life jacket and shoes- we had our crocs so didn't bother with the shoes. The trip was approx 45 minutes and on the way to the whirlpool we we saw the two huge power plants that provide a lot of electricity (I believe) as far as NY (I could be wrong here it was not easy to hear all the guide said), Queenston Heights (1812 battle that resulted in separation of Canada and US) and Fort George and Fort Niagara.
There was one spot (Devil's Hole I think) where the boat needed to use all its power to navigate the waves. During the trip the boat does three Hamilton Turns which is a 360 degree spinning turn, amazing fun. The whirlpool is the destination and we got an wonderful view of what we had seen the day before from the aero car.
The first four rows of seats on the boat get the wettest and we sat just behind this. Here is the picture that was taken and if you enlarge it you can clearly see my friend's son as he does not have his hat on (just above the guy in the blue life jacket).
You quickly get used to feeling wet, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and so did my friends. They were really pleased I had persuaded them to try the experience!!! So if you are visiting Niagara don't miss it out of your itinerary.

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At 4/8/07 09:45, Blogger Beccy said...

That sounds like so much fun.

At 4/8/07 10:55, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy all of you would have really enjoyed it.

At 4/8/07 13:39, Anonymous swamp witch said...

We did something like this in New Zealand one time. I don't think I got quite as wet as what it appears your picture shows though. It was so much fun...after I got my feet back on the ground.
Please remember, I put my Fun Monday post together BEFORE I knew what you assigned because we are on another road trip. Have a great weekend.

At 4/8/07 18:02, Blogger frannie said...

what a blast!!! a wet, wet blast!!

At 4/8/07 20:27, Blogger Steffi said...

Wow...that´s sounds and looks funny!Good pic!
Have a nice weekend!

At 4/8/07 22:52, Blogger ChrisB said...

swampy the jet boat was terrific fun. I'm looking forward to seeing your post have fun on your travels!:)

frannie and steffi if I ever get the chance I would do it again.

At 5/8/07 00:02, Blogger Pamela said...

I want to do that.
We did a jet boat trip up the snake river where it canyons up into Idaho.

It was exciting, but nothing compared to that I'm sure

At 5/8/07 04:45, Blogger Barbara said...

The jet boat engine was invented in NZ. I've been once and was so scared they put me off on the side of the river (with the picnic, including the wine) and came back after they'd had their fun.

At 5/8/07 09:18, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara I've looke dat some of the NZ jet boat tours and the boats look a lot smaller and probably more scary. But would be still be on my wish list if I ever got to NZ.

Pamela I googled it and I think it looks a pretty good ride to me :)

At 5/8/07 14:56, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

There you go -- something that this Jonny Canuck hasn't done.

At 5/8/07 16:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC so I'm the 'super hero' then !!!!


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