Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Menu for Hope 3

Thought I would write my post early today as I was working on the computer. I have just been completing a spread sheet of all the UW bids for Sam to help with her post for today. I won't elaborate so you'll have to read it. I'm glad she's eight hours behind us because as usual I have been trying to find time to do this since the weekend. Sam said it was likely to take me a couple of hours (I'm slow so it took me a bit longer). I enjoyed seeing which were the most popular bids. Sam pointed out that many of the prizes will not be shipped worldwide so I intend to go back and change some of mine. I expect I'm the only idiot who didn't really give this much thought. What a shame I would loved to have been in the draw for the Kitchen Aid even had the adapter plug ready for when I won it!! For those who say I never win anything I did win this book (ticket was Sam's gift to me last Christmas) so if you haven't already donated to this very worthy cause you still have time (via Sam or Beccy both have donated prizes).

PS I gather Sam's post will be on Thursday so sorry to cause any confusion.



At 20/12/06 18:46, Blogger Sam said...

Hi mum - it will actually be for Thursday's post for me since i need to actually prep the post tomight when i get home from work.
Thank for all your help!


At 20/12/06 21:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sorry Sam I have added a PS to the post just to clarify. Not many people read mine so it won't be a problem.


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