Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I spent a lovely morning having coffee and catching up with a friend whom I haven't seen for a few weeks and of course it gave me a good excuse to bake a cake.
So you may wonder why I'm feeling anxious. Do you recall back when I started this blog I was trying to get my breakfast room decorated. Having got the room stripped and ready for papering a friend was asking her decorator to contact me. Well I waited and waited for him to ring and when he finally called the conversation went something like this:

Him: Mrs L said you wanted some decorating done, when did you want it done.

Me: Well the room has been ready for ages so as soon as possible.

Him: I'm in the middle of doing a room for Mrs L's friend... do you know her?

Me: No I don't know her. I realise you are very busy but I really do want it done before Christmas and I'm quite anxious as there's not much time left.

Him: When I finish what I'm doing I am having a few days hol. You do know I have a heart condition and so I don't work long days.

Me: Yes I do understand about your health. This is not a big job and there's no woodwork to paint. Can you fit it in I really need to know as I have been waiting a long time for your call and it's going to be difficult to find anyone else to do it at this late stage.

Him: I didn't ring because Mrs L said you were on holiday.

Me : We got back a couple of weeks ago. (Bit of a pause and I felt he looking for a way out)

Him: I have another job to do for the same lady.

Me: So what you're saying is you don't think you can fit me in before Christmas.

Him (quickly): No I can't really do it until the New Year.

Me: Well thank you for calling anyway, I appreciate it and I always prefer people to be honest (I was very polite whilst fuming really as I had wasted so much time waiting for this guy).

Then as you know I went to visit Beccy and then had the week in Spain which effectively took another 3 weeks out. You might ask what about Mike; no he doesn't organise the decorating and cannot hang wallpaper. He will paint and to be fair he painted the ceiling and did some of the filling and sanding. So it's down to me to do the papering. I am no expert and haven't done any papering for over 20 years but I'm getting it done albeit slowly. Next problem is the chap who always fits our carpets is also fully booked until Christmas so unless I can find someone else (highly unlikely with only ten days to go) I will not get my new carpet until the New Year.

As Beccy said they are coming to see us not a nicely decorated room with new carpet. I know that's true, however, I wanted a nice fresh room and I don't relish the though of putting all the furniture back only to move it all out again a week later. But I guess this is what will be happening.

To look on the positive side I've saved myself the decorating fees: now do I feel another holiday coming on....lead me to the travel agents!! and more importantly I will be able to give some extra money to Menu for Hope 111.



At 13/12/06 08:26, Blogger Beccy said...

I remember you giving me lessons in hanging wallpaper, standing at the table swish swooshing the glue onto the paper while wriggling your bottom!

You always claimed to be an expert at it so I'm sure it will come back to you all these years later.

At 13/12/06 09:21, Anonymous EmBee said...

Its going to look fine so it is. Love

At 13/12/06 09:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

Both Me thinks there is some exageration here. It was Pete who originally gave me hintson paper hanging most of which I have forgotten; use it or loose it comes to mind!! Granny says the trouble with me is I am a perfectionist which I strongly deny. She also feels I should be able to get a carpet before Christmas (I won't comment on what she said about the existing carpet even if I agree) So no pressure!!

At 13/12/06 13:00, Blogger Asha said...

Take it easy,Chris!! Enjoy the holidays first and then feel anxious about things!:))

At 13/12/06 13:33, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

I agree with Asha. Stick up some decorations and forget all about it until the new year, and then maybe find another more reliable decorator to do it for you. Or as you say, go on holiday and do it yourself....that way you get a holiday and a newly deorated room.

How disapoointing though. And very frustrating!!!


At 13/12/06 15:54, Blogger Beccy said...

Granny is right about the perfectionist bit, don't mind anything she says about the carpet. I tell her as long as we're together nothing else matters. I'd happily eat beans on toast as long as I was spending time with my family!

At 13/12/06 18:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha & Sally I got stuck in and have papered about a third of the room. It's acceptable so by end of Fri it should be finished says she with fingers x'd.

Beccy beans-on-toast now there's a thought (only joking). Please ask the chn to email me with any special requests for food/drinks etc. thanks

At 13/12/06 22:47, Anonymous sam said...

family or no family, i would not be happy eating beans on toast. Hopefully I'll never have to make that choice (do I take the family, or do I take the non-beans on toast)?

At 14/12/06 06:48, Blogger Barbara said...

If you pay my fare I'll come and help! I'll even eat the beans on toast.

At 14/12/06 07:43, Blogger chris said...

Barbara would love it if you could visit and I think I could do a bit better than beans on toast.


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