Sunday, December 17, 2006

Catching up

You may wonder why I haven't posted anything for two days. It's not for the want of trying but events seem to have taken over. The last two evenings I have returned home quite late after going out with friends out. I admit it's compulsive but I immediately log on check my emails (you never know there might be something important from my offspring particularly as I am going to help Sam collate the bidding on Menu for Hope 3). I read some blogs and then decide as it's so late I can't get my brain to function sufficiently well to edit and publish what I had written earlier. I know Sam will be quick to pick up on my spelling and grammer (not my strong points) so I decide to give it a miss.

So two days later I am back tracking to Friday when my feet hardly touched the ground, what with finishing the last bit of papering, everytime I got up the ladder if it wasn't the phone it was the doorbell ringing (well three times anyway) twice it was the post and the other time was a guy to read the meters (I may at some point devote a whole post to this guy and the electricity board). The result of one of the phone calls was that I had to meet up with my friends much earlier than originally anticipated we were going to a little pub in Portbury (the Priory for a meal and they don't take bookings which is a nuisance and as they only have a couple of tables to seat seven it's a first come basis). The pub is in a little village which is about a half hour drive (on motorway) from where I live and considering I was still in the shower at 5pm I think I did well to get there (thanks to Mike as he drove me so that I could have a drink or two) before 6:30 and I was not the last to arrive. I had a lovely evening with friends I used to work with back in the early 80's all but one are now retired and we don't meet that often so there was alot of catching up to do.

Saturday I spent catching up on household chores and painting before going to a friend's birthday party which she held in the Halo Cafe bar. You will see from the link how the premises has changed over the years. The live band was very entertaining but I had forgotten how deafening live music can be (I know it's a sign of my advancing years) which makes it quite difficult to chat.

Anyway great party Cathy and thank you.



At 18/12/06 13:44, Blogger Asha said...

Enjoy all the parties Chris! Don't worry about the blog!:))We will be here when you are ready!

At 18/12/06 14:20, Blogger Beccy said...

Hey, my mum the party animal!

At 18/12/06 14:49, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

I know how annoying it is when you are trying to paint and the doorbell/ phone rings.........

You end up with paint ll over everything. I do anyway!

Glad it's finished and that you had a good night out Chris.


At 19/12/06 17:32, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha its unusual for me to be out so much so it makes quite a nice change.

Beccy hardly compared to you! I hav eto say it's quite nice knowing I can stay in bed a bit longer in the morning if I want to.

Sally it's such a relief I only wish I had managed to get the new carpet down but that will have to wait until the NYear now. There's too much else to do.


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