Sunday, December 14, 2008

You really must play this!!! No One as Irish as Barack OBama.

I was over at Grannymar's blog yesterday and saw this video. I had to share it as I think it is just so much fun-and after all I too have Irish connections!!! It was apparently only released on Friday.

It is performed by the Corrigan Brothers you may even have heard it already....

Could this become a best seller.......tell me what you think!!!!!!

2007: Warning from down under
2006: Nothing Special

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At 14/12/08 14:39, Blogger wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I loved this. I just might download it.

At 14/12/08 15:46, Blogger Jan said...

Chris, I love it. I'm posting it tomorrow.

At 14/12/08 18:00, Blogger kitten said...

LOL! That is funny!
I thought word verification was to keep out computer generated comments. I did try to go to his blog, but it is private.

At 14/12/08 18:07, Blogger ChrisB said...

I'm so glad it will be circulated.

Kitten did you mean you couldn't get in to Grannymar's blog. I didn't think it was private I have just clicked the link and went straight in.

At 14/12/08 18:14, Blogger Beckie said...

That was a HOOT!

At 16/12/08 05:13, Blogger Betty said...

Very funny, Chris. Thank you for sharing.

Have a good week and a very Merry Christmas.


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