Saturday, June 07, 2008

Personality Test

I found this Personality Test over at Tiggerlambgirl a while back and as anyone who is a regular visitor knows I cannot resist taking a test. After all tests were my favourite thing at school, I don't think!
The Big Five is currently the most accepted personality model in the scientific community. The Big Five emerged from the work of multiple independent scientists/researchers starting in the 1950s who using different techniques obtained similar results. Those results were that there are five distinct personality traits/dimensions. Here are my results on each dimension:
Big Five Test Results
Extroversion (28%) low which suggests you are very reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.
Accommodation (70%) high which suggests you are overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense too often of your own individual development (martyr complex).
Orderliness (60%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.
Emotional Stability (40%) moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Inquisitiveness (36%) moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly small minded, traditional, and conventional at the expense of intellectual curiousity, possibility, and progress.
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I went on a management course at work not long before I retired where we had to do some of these type exercises to find out our management style (and,of course, the purpose of the exercise was for us to make improvements!!) I have to say the results were quite interesting and reasonably accurate. I think there could be a lot of truth in the above test results as well. However I might just challenge the last one~ traditional and conventional I might be, but small-minded, as the dictionary describes....

"mean-spirited, uncharitable; close-minded, shortsighted, myopic, blinkered, inward-looking, unimaginative, parochial, provincial, insular, small-town; intolerant, illiberal, conservative, hidebound, dyed-in-the-wool, set in one's ways, inflexible; prejudiced, bigoted".......

is surely not me...or do others see me differently!!! Feel free to comment truthfully!! Oh and if you haven't done this one give it a go!

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At 7/6/08 11:55, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I have exactly the same scores as you in extroversion and accommodation but my other scores are somewhat different -- higher.

At 7/6/08 12:04, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC What is they say about seeking out like minded people!!

At 7/6/08 14:52, Blogger Molly said...

Being small-minded does not seem to fit with "overly kind natured, trusting, and helpful at the expense too often of your own individual development."

I see you as kind-spirited and open-minded.

At 7/6/08 16:39, Blogger Zoomie said...

Kind of a fun test, although I'd have to say from just reading your blog that some of your results (small-minded, for example) don't seem accurate. I was trained in these kinds of tests when I was a counselor and my faith in them is slim. Hard to imagine confining the whole of human variety and experience into just a few "types."

At 7/6/08 17:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to take the test!

(Think I'll go to see Bon Jovi btw!)

At 7/6/08 23:54, Anonymous Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I've only met you once, but I'm pretty sure small minded couldn't be used to describe you. I found you to be quite open minded:)!

At 8/6/08 04:57, Blogger Pamela said...

yes you are traditional and conventional BUT not at all small-minded. I don't understand where that equation comes from.

But, don't get me started on "progressive thought." Idiot Savants, some of them.


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