Monday, December 17, 2007

Menu for Hope 4th Year

My Fun Monday Post is below this but please read this first:

Menu for Hope is an annual Food Blogging charitable event started by Chez Pim back in 2004. It has been hugely successful in raising money for some very worthwhile projects. This year support is going to UN World Food Programme and specifically a School Lunch Programme in Lesotho, Africa. Although you are being asked to part with your money you are also getting the chance to win one of the many prizes on offer. If drop in to Chez Pim you will find out more.

My daughter Sam has persauded June Taylor to join her in shipping English Afternoon Tea to your door . This is a wonderful prize (code UW32), I know I'm biased but I would definitely recommend you take a look at this one, this is where some of my money will be going. Oh and if you live outside US mainland Sam had thought of that!

AND if she manages to get bids totalling over $2,500 dollars there is an extra prize on offer.

So please take a look at what Sam and others are offering and you can bid on one prize for only $10. I was lucky last year and won a prize and this is a great way to give a present to someone at Christmas by putting a bid in their name (this has worked for us).

Just think if all the Fun Monday people put in one bid we would have raised around $500 and I think that would be great for those children!

Thank you for taking the trouble to read all the information.


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At 17/12/07 15:58, Blogger Sandy said...

What a good mom you are - and a gracious lady.

Thanks for the links.

At 17/12/07 18:49, Blogger thefoodsnob said...

Great post, Chris, and a very worthwhile cause.


At 18/12/07 10:00, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Fantastic Chris! Sory not to have been around for a bit.... Been a bit busy for the last month.... Is Beccy ok?

At 18/12/07 12:44, Blogger kitten said...

Ps. It looks like you are our winner to Fun Monday. Go check out my post.
E Mail me at

At 18/12/07 14:24, Blogger frannie said...

I will take a look! :)


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