Sunday, December 23, 2007

Count Down Panic!!!!

I have had a really hectic day and it's almost 11pm and I am only now finding time to get on the computer, apart from about ten minutes reading a couple of posts while I ate my breakfast. I feel so tired I could easily fall asleep right here so this will be quick.
What made me so tired, well I made soup and baked a cake before breakfast, put a load of washing in the machine, and then thoroughly cleaned four of the bedrooms, made up 5 beds, washed floors, and front porch. In between my brother and sister-in-law called to bring my turkey so I stopped for coffee and a chat.
You may remember me telling you about my turkey in this post. I ended up with the bird below which weighed in at 18lbs. All I have to do tomorrow is prepare it for roasting which is not to big a task.
I made my cranberry sauce on Saturday.
I also made the first batch of mince pies.

My friend Kim who is home on holiday from Canada rang this morning and we decided this evening would probably be a good day for our get together. So after a bit of phoning I booked a table at local pub, and arranged for our other friend, Tina, to collect me on the way to pick up Kim. I needed to be ready by 5.45pm... at 5.20pm I was just going to get changed when Beccy phoned to make final arrangements about picking them up from the airport tomorrow. I expect you think I wasn't ready when Tina arrived but you'd be wrong, I had no time to dither and try on several things like I normally do before going out. I was actually hoping Tina was going to be late but for once she was on time so it was a good job that I was ready. After all the rushing we had a lovely relaxing evening catching up and looking at Kim's wedding photos (she got married in August just after Tina and I had visited her). I won't say anything about the meal itself as it nothing special but it was the company that was important. It's so nice to know that our friend is happy and settled. She wanted to know when we were going to visit again, so Embee when you read this you might need to keep working for a bit longer!
You can see why I'm now feeling pretty jaded so I'm off to bed as I need to get up early to finish a few more bits and pieces before the family arrive from Dublin!
December 23th 2006: Two days and Counting

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At 24/12/07 03:13, Blogger Pamela said...

You are an inspiration.
I'm happy for you to have your family coming for Christmas (they are lucky because they get to eat all the good food, too!!)

At 24/12/07 06:37, Blogger Misty said...

you are inspiring! and your panic made me feel a little paniced!

At 24/12/07 09:40, Blogger Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Merry Christmas Chris!!

At 24/12/07 15:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly hhow lllong ddid yyou have in mmind. My heart attack is due in three years. Love,EmBee

At 24/12/07 18:31, Blogger elena jane said...

the little pies are so cute! i love how red your cranberry it tastes yummy :)

At 25/12/07 01:25, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

Your little pies look so cute and yummy! :)

At 25/12/07 14:07, Blogger Steffi said...

I had yesterday panik in my kitchen too!Busy,busy!
I think your meal will be wonderful!

At 26/12/07 16:23, Blogger Alix said...

wow you were busy, it all looks great though


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