Friday, December 07, 2007

What's not 'Fare'!!

On Tuesday I took my mother out to visit my brother who lives about 20 miles away. His neighbours have a smallholding and I have shown you pictures of some of their animals in the past. During the last year the couple who live there have purchased part of the field and extended the areas for the animal. They have also extended the house and intend to offer 'Bed and Breakfast'.
Now the point of this story is that this is where my Christmas turkey is running around getting fat. This is not a big enterprise as there are only four birds being reared and my brother will do all the necessary come the time (I won't go into detail in case you're squeamish!). I thought you might like to see some photos. When my brother called them they came running. I don't think they would be so happy if they knew what he had in store for them.
The sheep were mildly curious. Actually I think they were amused by me trying to climb over a stile.
The two Gloucestershire Old Spots were snug but they did venture out to see if we had brought any food.
This goat is kept by himself and I can tell you he was giving us the evil eye. I was waiting for him to charge but he just kept staring.
The rest of the goats came out see what we were doing on their territory.

What could be better than a virtually home reared bird, that has freedom and good food!

December 7th 2006: Ronda

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At 7/12/07 11:47, Anonymous EmBee said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I want turkey in my tummy

At 7/12/07 12:00, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Ya think embee might enjoy turkey on Christmas? lol

We're not having turkey this year. But if we were, I'd try to find one reared like these:)!

At 7/12/07 14:53, Blogger Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

mmm turkey. can i have some?

At 7/12/07 15:03, Blogger thefoodsnob said...

Looks like you will have a lovely meal! My mom remembers her grandmother 'readying' a chicken for dinner, and of course I've heard about it my whole life.
Thank you for no further details! :)

(Great pictures, seems to me the picture perfect English countryside.)


At 7/12/07 15:17, Anonymous nikki said...

OKay the little piggies?!?! Beyond cute. I'd want one for a pet, but my husband would kill me.


At 7/12/07 15:50, Blogger Sandy said...

I am now going to find my copy of All Creatures Great and Small and get a cup of tea and an afghan....Lovely pictures.

At 7/12/07 16:50, Blogger ChrisB said...

Embee you won't have to wait too long!!

TLG we had one from the same source a couple of years ago and it was just like the taste I remember from childhood when this type of rearing was the norm. You ordered your turkey from the local farmer.

Jill come for Christmas lunch!

lisa I've never drawn, plucked and dressed a turkey but had to learn how to do a chicken so I guess not much different~ just bigger!BTW I was brought up a couple of miles from where that photo was taken!

nikki I didn't get up close and friendly with these pigs but the other ones they have just love their ears being scratched and if you take them an apple you are very popular!

sandy it's pretty much like that hehe!

At 7/12/07 16:55, Blogger Misty said...

First of all, thank you for coming by my blog and commenting on my ornament :)

Second, what a lovely place. I chose a turkey, this year, who grew up as happily as yours is now. (sad and yet comforting somehow) The animals are all so sweet (except the angry looking goat, that is)
I look forward to coming back:)

At 7/12/07 17:54, Blogger Barbara said...

Looks like a lovely day out in the country Chris. This will be the first year in many I haven't cooked a turkey on Christmas day. We are spending it at Club Med, LindemanIsland where my son is working.

At 7/12/07 17:55, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I bet that turkey will taste delish!!!


Dreaming What Ifs...

At 7/12/07 17:57, Blogger Alix said...

Lovely pictures Chris, I'm not sure I could eat something I had seen though. I have to close my mind to where my food comes from. Pigs are so cute but I just love bacon!

At 7/12/07 18:11, Blogger Kaytabug said...

Lovely photos. I'd love to eat a turkey raised like that.

At 7/12/07 18:14, Blogger john.g. said...

I hate Turkey! We're having Lamb.

At 7/12/07 21:06, Anonymous John D. Turkey said...

Q. What could be better than a virtually home reared bird, that has freedom and good food?

A. A world populated by vegetarians!

At 7/12/07 21:07, Blogger Willowtree said...

Don't worry about that John Turkey fellow, he's only worried about his own arse. Could you pass some white meat please?

At 7/12/07 21:21, Blogger Julie said...

In the second photo they turkeys are giving you dirty looks it seems. I think they got it!

At 7/12/07 21:31, Blogger ChrisB said...

misty thanks for dropping over see you again :)

barbara sometimes I think it would be nice not to have all the stress of cooking. I always worry but it usually turns out fine.

karmyn from past experience it beats anything bought in the shops.

alix being brought up in the country I probably look on things differently.

kaytabug I whole heartedly recommend it.

john I like lamb as well but have never had it on Christmas day, I did cook beef one year.

john d. turkey whoever you are I accept you are entitled to your opinion however:

Q~ what would upset the natural ecological balance?

A~ A world populated by vegetarians!

WT We'll have more than enough to share. I actually like the dark meat as well but the rest of the family are less keen.

julie LOL you could be right, they did have a peck at me when I didn't give them any food!

At 7/12/07 23:27, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

This is so great! Thanks for showing us the smallholding. (And for your explanation last month of what it is.)
I wish I had a smallholding. Think I could raise goats in my backyard?

At 8/12/07 01:49, Anonymous swampy said...

Ole MacDonald couldn't have done better...E-I-E-I-O !
Swampy's Blog

At 8/12/07 03:07, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

I like the sheep shot and the piggies are cute. Better tell the turkeys to stay out of Wisconsin or they'll be "its". I had a goat once, my son drank it's milk because he was allergic to cow's milk.

At 8/12/07 05:21, Blogger Kila said...

So which turkey did you pick?

I'm sure it will be much better than any store-bought bird.

At 8/12/07 07:51, Blogger ChrisB said...

CC I think Bean Sprout might get jealous!

swampy very apt LOL

LC now that is novel your son having his own milk bar!

kila there are two large and two small. I fancy one of the larger ones but I don't actually get to choose. I just buy the one I'm given so I'll have to wait and see!

At 8/12/07 10:33, Blogger my4kids said...

Ooh homegrown turkey. We've done that with a cow before but not a turkey.
We usualy have ham though on Christmas. Kelly's favorite!

At 8/12/07 16:42, Blogger Sam said...

Forget the cute little turkey! Eat that mean goat instead. You could roast him on a spot and invite the whole of blogland over for lunch.

At 8/12/07 21:00, Blogger Sam said...


At 8/12/07 21:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

terri we tend to have ham on boxing day and everyone likes it in sandwiches or in toasties with cheese.

sam I did realise you meant 'spit'!

At 9/12/07 21:20, Blogger Pamela said...

I don't think I could eat it - I tend to make all animals pets.

in the "old" days, our grams thought nothing of "wringing" a chickens neck before breakfast.

I'm sure I would have only ate turnips and apples. sigh.

At 9/12/07 21:25, Blogger Pamela said...

I need to check my spelling and grammar before I click publish.

At 10/12/07 03:40, Blogger frannie said...

I love meat-- but I don't think I could meet my meat-- if you know what I mean. that is just a little too personal.

I once made lamb for the family I nannied for. the little girl was about 3 at the time and she asked what was for dinner. we told her and the whole dinner she kept saying "baaa baaa baaa"-- no one ate much.

At 10/12/07 20:29, Blogger ChrisB said...

pamela and frannie although I really like the animals. I have to say I don't have a problem with eating them. I wouldn't actually want to do the execution I leave that to my brother!


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