Saturday, December 01, 2007

So cute!

On my recent travels I became aquainted with the gorgeous little Bean Sprout who belongs to Cookiecrumb. I think Bean Sprout is such a sweet little dog. I fell in love with him when I saw his pictures on Cookiecrumb's blog and he is just as adorable in real life. Mind he was not so happy that we were all going out for lunch and he had to remain at home. He even hinted that he wanted to join us by getting into his little carrying bag.

I really hope I get to meet him and his lovely mom and dad again sometime. I'll tell you about the meal we had in Napa another time.

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At 1/12/07 12:52, Blogger laurie said...

hello! just popped over from Sandy's blog. i love this dog picure, and your gorgeous San Fran pix. (one of my best friends lives there, and my nephew, and i've been there many times. but your picturs are much better than any i've ever taken.)

At 1/12/07 14:11, Blogger Sandy said...

you are right - he is SO cute! I love big dogs and pretend to dislike little foofy dogs. That must be why there is 6 lbs of puppy (not really a puppy, he turns 1 in January) on my shoulder!

At 1/12/07 14:22, Blogger Alix said...

he is too cute, I want a dog so much! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip

At 1/12/07 16:47, Blogger katy said...

can see why you fell in love with him.

At 1/12/07 17:24, Blogger Beckie said...

He is very cute! That is funny that he sits on his carrying bag when he wants to go along.

At 1/12/07 17:26, Blogger Steffi said...

Welcome back!Your little puppie is soooo cute!
Enjoy your first advent weekend!

At 1/12/07 19:58, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

Bean Sprout fell in love with you, too. He did his little doggie dance for you and was quite playful, when we all weren't just hugging him to death!
Thanks for this sweet tribute.

At 1/12/07 20:52, Blogger Willowtree said...

Holy guacamole, you met an Ewok!

At 1/12/07 22:55, Blogger ChrisB said...

laurie thanks for dropping over :)

sandy while I was away I also met some big dogs belonging to another blogger but I didn't take photos of those.

alix you'll have to ask Santa!

katy would you believe I actually got up close and friendly with 8 dogs last week!!

beckie and he does a little doggy dance, he's a real sweetie.

steffi thank you ~ hope your weekend is good as well.

CC I love my bag and used it at the local monthly market the day I got back. So thank you again x

WT are you being rude about my cute little friend!! Weren't Ewoks brown?

At 2/12/07 01:22, Blogger Joy T. said...

Awwwwwww!! Unbelievably cute.

At 2/12/07 03:14, Blogger frannie said...

what a cute puppy! he is adorable.

At 2/12/07 05:28, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

Oh he is adorable and I just want to scoop him up and love on him. :)

At 2/12/07 05:51, Blogger la bellina mammina said...

He really is a cutie! :-)


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