Saturday, November 24, 2007

Postcard 4 San Francisco Sunset

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I wish you had all been here last night to share this beautiful sunset from the top of Twin Peaks.

November 24th 2006: S.A.D

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At 24/11/07 17:34, Blogger Barbara said...

So which camera did you buy. Looking good.

At 24/11/07 17:40, Blogger SJ said...

Wow, beautiful sunset!

At 24/11/07 17:50, Blogger her indoors said...

i wish i had been there too, fantastic it is as well

At 24/11/07 20:49, Blogger Alix said...

That is so beautiful.

At 24/11/07 21:56, Anonymous gawilli said...

Outstanding picture! I bet it is warmer there than here, too!

At 25/11/07 00:49, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara the camera is a Casio Exilim

At 25/11/07 08:36, Blogger my4kids said...

Beautiful sunset. I love sunset pictures. Are you enjoying your visit?

At 27/11/07 17:31, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

Oh I love the sunset! Great shot!


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