Saturday, April 21, 2007

New iMac

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For those who have been following my recent posts you will know that I was expecting the arrival of a package on Thursday and some of you rightly guessed that it was my new imac. It finally arrived mid afternoon just as I was finishing scanning photos to send to Beccy. As I began to unpack the box I realised that our desk needed quite a lot of reorganisation (you'll remember how messy it was from an early fun Monday post). Having removed all the box files I decided I would tidy up the wiring and get rid of old phone cable and wires not attached to anything and oops I pulled out the wrong cable and the computer went dead, I quickly replaced the lead but nothing happened and Embee seemed to think I'd blown a fuse!!. So here I was with 2 computers and neither working so no blogging, but Beccy saved the day for me and agreed to let you all know what was happening.

Embee and I had visions of not being able to access our files for several days, but late last night I was speaking to Joules (Son-i-l) who said "you have checked the power connection" this was the only thing I hadn't checked and it must have been loose because the computer immediately jumped into action again so one problem solved (and I feel pretty stupid and I can see all you geeks nodding and thinking everyone knows that's the first thing you check!) .

Now the new imac is not yet connected to broadband nor have I got a wireless connection so that will take me a few more days to organise because I was unable to complete the configuration process (probably not the correct terminology) as I needed a password. The cable company were not helpful and the girl I spoke to didn't have a clue but said she would send me a disc. I'll probably get a wireless connection before that arrives.

What I have been able to do is start downloading photos from my camera and it's much quicker compared to the old computer and with the 20 inch screen it's so much easier to see. So I think once I'm fully operational I will be very happy with it. I'l leave you with a few hastily taken photos that have not been edited so are even worse than my usual efforts.
I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on from the last few days so see you soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope it's as warm and sunny for you as it is here in the UK.



At 21/4/07 23:24, Blogger willowtree said...

You're the reason Help desks have such a high staff turnover! (Come on, you know me, surely you weren't expecting any moral support).

Congrats on the new Imachine

At 21/4/07 23:44, Blogger Beccy said...

Mother I believe I was the one who told you to check the power connection!

I admit that Joules told me to ask you but I was on the phone when it sprang back into action. I was the one laughing. I nearly hacked into your blog to edit your post!

At 22/4/07 00:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

willowtree I think you could have been much more scathing!!

beccy well it was Joules idea so I was giving him the credit and I was honest enough to let everyone see how stupid I am so they could all have a good laugh.

At 22/4/07 00:13, Blogger Barbara said...

Welcome back and happy reading. Brilliant cricket game this morning.

At 22/4/07 00:27, Blogger Devon said...

Congrats and lucky you, photoshop! That is on my wish list!!

I would never laugh at another persons techno stupidity! Enough said!

At 22/4/07 00:41, Blogger Pamela said...

you techi, you!!!

At 22/4/07 00:42, Blogger elena jane said...

welcome back and best of luck getting the other connections up and running!
glad the box was a new imac too :)

At 22/4/07 01:38, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

Oh! Very good, indeed! You fellow Macky. ;-)
Have fun with your new toy.

At 22/4/07 08:11, Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dear chrisb. Wooo I have apple jealousy now.

At 22/4/07 09:38, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara embee said it was a good match me i don't watch it

devon I can't wait to get started with it.

pamela I wish!!

elena jane and cookiecrumb now it's usually 'boys and their toys' so it's time us girls get to play!!

little miss moi I wonder how long it will take for me to mess it up!!

At 22/4/07 09:47, Blogger my4kids said...

Oh my that is too funny. It does sound like something I would do though....

At 22/4/07 10:45, Blogger Sabrina said...

Glad you're up and running again (mostly!) Hope the new maching makes all your dreams come true. Glad you didn't have to wait another day for the delivery!!!!

At 22/4/07 23:14, Blogger ChrisB said...

sabrina I'm quite excited at the thought of being able to talk to the girls and grandchildren using skype. Should have that organised by the end of next week (just waiting for my wireless box).


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