Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dublin here I come

I'm off to Dublin later today so I may not get much opportunity to write many posts for the next week. As all Beccy's family use the computer extensively I cannot expect to hog it but you never know I might be able to book a space or sneak on when no one's looking. If nothing else I want to participate in the next Fun Monday and see what you are all doing.

See you soon Chris.



At 14/2/07 09:08, Blogger Barbara said...

Do have a great time and we look forward to all the goss when you get back. Embee's pasta meal looks very nice.

At 14/2/07 10:10, Blogger Beccy said...

Well you got lots of computer time last visit.

Have to fly got a house to clean, beds to make, food to bake etc etc...
See you later.


At 14/2/07 13:21, Blogger The very nice man said...

Missing you already! Have a fab time!

At 14/2/07 14:28, Blogger Yara said...

Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

At 14/2/07 20:23, Blogger Asha said...

Have fun Chris!! Psst..DO NOT notice the dust at Beccy's!!!Shhh..!!:)

At 14/2/07 22:19, Blogger ChrisB said...

Hi everyone I have sneaked on the computer, as the children are in bed and beccy is getting poor Joules his dinner as he has only just arrived home from college.

asha what dust!!

yara I had such a lovely welcome from little Ben he made me a valentine card soo sweet.

erik you can see I can't let go!!

barbara I'll see what I can do I'm baby sitting for a short time tomorrow ben and beccy's friend's 3 children wish me luck.


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