Monday, February 05, 2007

Fun Monday 3

As we head towards the third Fun Monday Swampwitch's challenge is to post a link to a memorable blog or post. Simple enough I thought, but then I realised this was actually not so easy. Since I began lurking on blogs in 2004 I have read some wonderful posts, some have been humerous, others quite sad, there are those which make you reflect on life and I have read posts where I feel empathy with the writer. I have also drooled at the spectacular pictures of food some bloggers prepare. So you can see why it was a difficult choice and I feel everyone needs a mention. I know, I know stop waffling and get to the I'm actually going to mention several bloggers. Everyone will have a lot of reading to do so I hope my explanations will provide you with choices so that you can either pick one quick read or browse for much longer so here goes.......

FIRST, I have decided that as it was daughter number 1 (Sam) who introduced me to the blogging community, through becks & posh long before I ever considered joining in I would link you to a few of her posts. .

This is a take off of one of the English tabloids and the fun headlines will, hopefully give you a laugh.

Sam is, in my opinion, is quite clever with words and you might enjoy her ode to an egg.

Is this what a mother wants to see childhood food memories viewed through Sam's eyes.

This final link is quite a long read and I am not too sure if it will work properly. At the end of July 2006 Sam decided to enter the 24 hour bloggathon in aid of charity. She chose to support 'The Food Runners" who collect and distibute food in and around San Fransisco. She accompanied the volunteers for part of the time (I seem to remember there was a British guy who has worked as volunteer for some years) and did a post approximately every hour. The 8 hour time difference meant that Beccy and I were able to follow her through the night when the rest of the USA was asleep. She managed to raise $2.5 thousand (hope I've got that correct) and I was very proud of her. If you do read this one, the posts run from the end, backwards (if that makes sense, so you might want to scroll to end before beginning to read).

SECOND, this blog is one I only started reading recently and that's Enid who very cleverly writes in the 'third person singular' and is very amusing. I had already decided to mention Enid's blog before I realised that she has joined in this week. I got hooked and one afternoon read from the start of her archive in December. So for those who have not met Enid:

This is Enid's response to being tagged by Beccy

This is one of her childhood memories.

This is Enid's take on bureaucracy at a certain bank.

This is what happens at a corporate dinner!!.

If after reading any of these your appetite is whetted then I would also recommend reading Enid's ongoing saga about "Hank".

THIRDLY, a quick mention about cookiecrumb over at 'I'm mad and I eat'. Cookiecrumb has the cutest little dog called Beansprout and every so often she posts a picture. This alone keeps me hooked but she also writes interesting topical posts and shares ideas on food.

LAST but not least I must mention my, 10 yr old grand-daughter, Mollie who writes the ocassional post. She would be absolutely thrilled if she has a few comments left on one of her posts.

Fun Monday has been a really good way to discover new blogs and I'm off to read some of them now. Have fun everyone.

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At 5/2/07 17:41, Blogger Susan in va said...

I will never look at an egg the same again. LOL!

I stopped by Mollie's site and left a comment, too.

This was some fun reading. Thanks!

At 5/2/07 17:49, Anonymous John Carmichael said...


Thank you for your kind words on my post Swampy sent you to. I too believe that things happen for a purpose, (and if they don't how am I to ever know?)

Many doors have indeed opened and I have strolled many a path I would not have otherwise taken. The journey is the adventure.

Thanks again,


At 5/2/07 17:53, Blogger ChrisB said...

jc thank you for dropping by.

At 5/2/07 17:56, Blogger ChrisB said...

susan Mollie will be excited to see her stat counter increasing and getting comments so thank you.

At 5/2/07 18:25, Blogger Barbara said...

Of course I know Sam and Cookiecrumb but Enid was new to me and I love her humorous take on life.

At 5/2/07 19:44, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara I really enjoy enid's post she is one of my regular reads.

At 5/2/07 19:55, Blogger Beccy said...

Hey didn't I tell you to read Enid!
Mollie will be pleased to get more comments.

At 5/2/07 20:45, Blogger Asha said...

So many links to check out!!:))
Mollie writes her posts in her own blog!I must visit her of course! ;D

At 5/2/07 22:56, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

I just checked the World Clock to see what time it is in Bristol... You may have already gone to bed.
Thanks, Chris, for the mention! That is far too sweet. I have put up a photo of Bean Sprout today especially for the occasion.
Thanks, too, for the other links... fun to explore on Fun Monday.

At 5/2/07 23:49, Blogger ChrisB said...

CC already found the pic. I do lurk every day even tho' I don't always comment. I am just about to log off and go to bed as its nearly midnight here. Sweet doogy dreams to Bean Sprout.

At 6/2/07 05:32, Blogger enid said...

wow, chris, thanks so much. enid is blushing so hard she matches her red jumper.

cookiecrumb, your dog is so sweet. almost the opposite of stalin in every way.

At 6/2/07 08:06, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

It was me who told everyone to read Enid!! I discovered her after her leaving a comment on Ignorminious's site and later tagged her. She's fab!! I'm glad that we all read her.

Good choices Chris!


At 6/2/07 09:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha and everyone else who left Mollie a comment thank so much.

Enid how could I not mention someone who keeps us so well entertained so thank you

Sally glad you found her. I love my daily read and that goes for all your posts.

At 6/2/07 10:53, Blogger Merle said...

Hi Chris ~~ A big welcome to my blog. It is nice to meet you and I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. I am always interested in recipes, so will be back. Enid seem to be a fun person. Thank you for your visit and comments, glad you liked Maya's wisdom and the jokes. I won't say too much about the cricket. Actually I am watching the last One Day Match N.Z. v England and it looks as though England will win and play Aust. in the finals. Take care Chris and I hope to see you again. Merle.

At 6/2/07 12:58, Blogger Beccy said...

OOOps Sally am I taking credit for something I shouldn't, I know you sent me there then I told mum to get over to Enid quickly!

At 6/2/07 13:21, Blogger ChrisB said...

Now now no fighting you two I'm just glad you both steered me over there

At 6/2/07 15:18, Blogger Pamela said...

My maiden name was "white" -- so, I have some empathy for egg white... being related and all. (:

I wish that I could officially retire so I could stay home and blog and paint.

It is almost overwhelming to do some blog hopping and discover so many fun and enjoyable people out there just waiting for you to say hello!

thanks for your visit - I hope you stop by again

At 7/2/07 07:59, Blogger ChrisB said...

Pamela I have mixed feelings about retirement, freedom yes thats good but I'm amazed how people look on you differently when you say 'retired' like you are no longer any use to society. Two of my friends who retired at the same time have gone back to work part time and I do wonder if I should join them.

At 8/2/07 07:46, Blogger ChrisB said...

merle my apologies for not acknowledging your visit. The England cricket team must be relieved, of course it's only us who lament their poor performance. will see you again.


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