Saturday, February 10, 2007

How not to treat your baskets

Mimi's post on baskets see French Kitchen in America immediately made me think of resurrecting a favourite basket of mine that has been languishing in my cellar for over twenty years, well in fact since we moved into this house. Now, I cannot remember how I acquired it but I really loved it and it was regularly used for popping out to the shops for the odd few items. The basket became impractical once supermarkets took over from the local shops. A weekly shop was much more convenient and supermarkets gave plastic bags in an effort to reduce the shop lifting, so you were not allow you to use your own bag. Now we have come a complete circle and with all the recycling bags have once again become 'fashionable' and stores encourage rather than discourage own bags and baskets. In fact many actually sell bags for re-use, the cynic in me says are they really trying to save the environment or line their own pockets. This is open for debate and I'm sure you all have views. You can see from the first photo taken in the cellar my basket has been used to store my grandchildren's buckets and spades. As an aside the boat you can see is one of two that were made for Sam and Beccy by their father back in the early 70's (I hope you note we were ahead of the times not all stereo-typical girly toys). I have so much stored in my cellar I have enough material for quite a few posts if I get short of ideas. I think a cellar sale would be a good idea once it's all sorted.

The basket is currently sitting on my hearth and I have been wondering whether to keep it as a feature and fill with dried flowers or pebbles. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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At 10/2/07 17:31, Blogger Sam said...

no, no, no, please don't reduce that poor, lovely basket to the level of 'hearth feature'. That basket is a living, working, useful thing. How much use will it be filled withh pebbles and fowers? How sad and sorry would it look? That beautiful basket deserves to be carried under your arm to the market where she will be filled with knobbly organic vegetables, artisnal cheeses, and meats from well-cared for animals.

Take that basket shopping or, I am warniing you, the basket will run away from home, flee overseas, to live with someone who will cherish her.

At 10/2/07 17:59, Blogger Mimi said...

LOL — I like the idea of using it, too.

Of course, taking it to the market does not mean it cannot be filled with flowers at times and then used as a kitchen table focal point. The flowers might be a reward for toting cheese and vegetables from the market.

It is a great basket, ChrisB. Thank you for the link!

At 10/2/07 20:04, Anonymous Jenny said...

You could always fill it with other baskets. :)

At 10/2/07 20:46, Blogger Beccy said...

Sam my reaction entirely.

Use it Mum or give it to me...please.

At 10/2/07 21:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam and Beccy But I do cherish it and I could look at all the time on the hearth; but I do take your point.
oh dear now I have a dilemma which daughter do I give to; you have both used it when you were running errands as children. No can't choose so I will have to keep it and you will have to fight for it later.

Mimi what have we started!!

jenny good suggestion as I do have a few other baskets around but it seems I'm out voted and it will have to be used.

At 10/2/07 21:29, Blogger Asha said...

I do have 5 of those baskets filled flowers,my kitchen gadgets,kids snack bags etc etc...:D

At 10/2/07 23:41, Blogger Beccy said...

Mum I so remember shopping with the basket on Henleaze Road. Do you remember Sam used to make me do all the errands by blackmailing me!!!!

Also it would be much easier to bring to Ireland than to take to the US!

At 11/2/07 00:28, Blogger Pamela said...

I can guarantee that if an empty basket sat on my hearth it would get filled up with something right away.

My fruit basket on the table always has mail and notes stuck in it. It's like I'm going bananas.

At 11/2/07 05:41, Blogger Sam said...

rebecca is a pathological liar, but go on let her have it like she gets everything else. If I hadn't taken the lead no doubt she would be telling you to fill it with shillings and leave it by the fireplace.

At 11/2/07 05:42, Blogger enid said...

do both - go shopping and then leave the basket of food in the hearth :-)

At 11/2/07 08:56, Blogger Beccy said...

Samantha I'm not a liar, as soon as I read that post (before I saw the comments) I knew it should not be filled, there has never been a filled basket in my house so please credidt me with having a brain.

Are you denying that you didn't get me to do all the chores while you swanned around watching 'Why don't you' and cooking lunch. That was the blackmail I did all the chores you'd make lunch. You even made me change your bedding and I used to have to crawl inside the duvet to get it inside the cover.

As for me getting everything that is a lie! I got nothing bar one plate from Granny's house I believe you got a chair and a chest of drawers, and you were given one of the teapots that I was told was being left to me.

At 11/2/07 14:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

pamela I know just what you mean (so far it's still empty but fruit bowl acts as a good paper weight).

enid - versatility sounds good.

At 11/2/07 17:38, Blogger Sam said...

But I didn't blackmail you any more or less than you blackmailed me back then, remember - you actually wanted me to cook the lunch back in those days.

Of course my mind is only remembering the grampy holt painting that I lost with the toss of a coin.

If there is anything I have that you want, please let me know and I am sure I couuld give it to you, as I have everything I need.


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