Monday, October 02, 2006

I decided to give myself a treat

I don't think you could call me a shopaholic unless, of course, I am buying for my grandchildren and then I can't resist. Today when I was doing my grocery shop I decided to take a peek at the clothes and accessories aisles. I saw a rather nice handbag and convinced myself that I really did need to keep my hands free for taking photos on my forth coming trip to the states and this would be ideal, so it found its way into my trolley. Then I happened to see a cardigan that is just right for this time of the year and would be an asset to my travel wardrobe so I decided to bring it home and just try it on and the best part was I was able to get a £5 discount so that made it a bargain. What could be better!!

Unfortunately the first photo does not clearly show the handbag so let's see if my second attempt is any improvement.
Well at least you can see the bag now! In case there is any doubt the colour is brown.



At 2/10/06 21:34, Blogger Beccy said...

They look good Mun

At 2/10/06 21:34, Blogger Beccy said...

I mean Mum


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