Monday, November 04, 2013

Day 4 = Fun Monday=A favourite Flower

I am struggling a bit to post about my favourite plant at this time of the year my garden is looking rather bleak. I had to get rid of all my indoor plants last year (long story) and my back garden only has one little bit of colour. We had storms all day yesterday so I couldn't even get into the garden to take any pictures. We have some sun today so I just rushed out and took a photo of the pots of chrysanthemums that I look at from my kitchen window. I do love to see some colour but they will probably only last a few more weeks.

Now if you were to ask my tortoises what their favourite plant was they would not hesitate!!!

Well that's me done for today. Will be visiting you all later!

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At 4/11/13 11:45, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Gone! Our flowers are gone.

At 4/11/13 14:50, Blogger Jan n Jer said...

Love Love MUMS...they are so colorful and hardy in the colder temps. Good to be back and visiting all the old FM friends.

At 4/11/13 15:28, Blogger Pamela said...

Hey.. I can remember when dandelions were the best fun ... some fifty odd years ago. ha ha

I have some mums still blooming too. Yours sure seem to be healthy!

At 4/11/13 16:36, Anonymous KaThYinCoLoRaDo said...

You are a trooper to manage 'weather' the storm and take pics of your flowers ! Thanks for playing Mon Funday. I love mums and even dandelions (puff flowers). I don't have any mums that have survived in the ground, but every year I buy one to set in my wagon on the front porch. Think it should be brought in very soon.

At 4/11/13 17:05, Blogger Sam said...

Hello Topsy, Tog & Tom

At 4/11/13 17:12, Anonymous karmyn R said...

Your mums are gorgeous!

I think our bunnies like the dandelions too. Ray Bradbury wrote a short story called "Dandelion Wine" = which I read in school. I can't imagine drinking wine from such a bitter tasting plant!

At 4/11/13 20:40, Blogger karisma said...

Your pot plants are pretty. And the tortoises have good taste. Love dandelions, such a useful plant. Good food, good medicine. :-)

At 4/11/13 20:59, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC we haven't had a frost yet that will see them off. Our Fuchsia bushes in the front of the house are still in full bloom.

Jan probably had these in pots for about 10 years so they are pretty good.

Pamela they do get some plant feed to help them along!

Kathy I actually leave these out LOL they have to take pot luck!!!

Sam I will be hibernating them soon

Karmyn they would be better if they were scented!!

Karisma I remember when daughter Sam made dandelion coffee for a school project and we tried it LOL

At 5/11/13 10:32, Blogger littledebbie said...

Love the tortoises! :) If it were not for dandelions at times...I would not have any "flowers". LOL


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