Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good with heights!!

It never rains but what it pours! That might be an old saying and another one is everything comes in threes! So I was not a bit surprised when a couple of weeks back I noticed a patch of damp in one of the bedrooms near a chimney breast.
As it happened the builder was here doing some work on the porch and took a look in the loft (roof space) where he could detect some staining which suggested there might be some damage to the old chimney stack.
Of course without scaffolding he couldn't be sure and this costs an arm and a leg, but had to be done. I wasn't very happy when I heard them drilling into the side of the house to secure the scaffold (this had not happened the previous times when we had scaffold erected). However builder assured me it was standard practice, and it would be made good!- we shall see;  every time I have something done it results in another problem so forgive me for being a half empty person!

Once the scaffolding was in place the weather changed and became very cold and extremely windy-not the time to be perched on a roof re-pointing and securing chimney pots which were apparently very unstable and replacing a couple of broken tiles. I had thought all this had been done when we lost a lot of the tiles in gales back in the late 80's.

Today is bright and sunny (although still cold) and work is in progress....I can't get up there to check, and neither can Embee so I'll just trust the phone pictures the builder is taking to show me!

Oh and the third thing, yes there is something else, will be for another post sometime, I hope, in the not too distant future!

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At 14/3/13 15:31, Blogger John Greenwood said...

Looks a big job!

At 16/3/13 21:17, Blogger Pamela said...

I don't think I've seen a photo from this angle before

At 17/3/13 14:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

Builder didn't seem to think it was too much of a problem John. I would not have wanted to be working up there!

Pamela I think our houses are quite different in design to yours. Ours is pretty (old built in 1851) that's why it's falling apart LOL!


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