Friday, November 01, 2013

Day 1..........Autumn

Not sure if I will be able to find enough of interest to manage a daily blog throughout November, which is what an blogging buddy has suggested. We had such a lovely community back in the days when I seemed to have plenty to say for myself. I cannot believe it was 7 years ago that I first started, what was to be a daily diary.  For several years I did manage to write how difficult will it be to manage just one month....well time will tell!!!!

Halloween was a damp squid... I got my tin of goodies ready and we didn't even get one visitor!!!!!

 A couple of weeks back as the temperature began to fall I noticed a lot of ladybirds scurrying about in the garden and when I looked closely I also noticed different marking

Embee even brought one indoors  somehow it got onto his head and  tickled his bald patch ending up on his crossword!!!

Autumn is also the time for fungi  found this in one of my flower tubs

I am keen to know what type of spider this is, found it trying to get in through the kitchen door. So if anyone can help I will be grateful.

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At 1/11/13 13:32, Blogger Steffi said...

Hi Chris,it´s great to read from you here again.Yes,we had a lovely community at the blog but unfortunately it changed.But you can be sure the your "old blog friends" like me are still here and read your blog.

We have the same ladybug problems in the garden and they come also into the house.

At 1/11/13 15:20, Anonymous KaThYinCoLoRaDo said...

Those were the days my friend . . . when about 12 of us visited each others' globs on a daily basis. Love your lady bugs.

At 1/11/13 15:21, Blogger Sam said...

I think the term is damp squib, mother dearest. Squids, I reckon, are always damp.

At 1/11/13 15:38, Blogger Pamela said...

reminds me a bit of an underground bug I've spotted when I was digging.

I'm sure I won't remember to blog each day --
but I'm at least making an attempt, too.

I love the lady bugs. Learned that they will make nests in our garages and houses. So if you find one, protect it!

At 1/11/13 17:24, Blogger John Greenwood said...

She blogs!! Great pics! :-)

At 1/11/13 21:27, Anonymous karmyn R said...

Very cool ladybug! I love when they are different pictures.

and in all the hubbub around my house I totally forgot about the blogging everyday in Thursday. I'm on it.

At 1/11/13 22:48, Blogger Sandy said...

great to be back on this page of the laptop, Chris. Beautiful pics of the ladybugs and I have no idea what kind of spider that is. I do know that I am delighted that it is at your house and not mine!

At 2/11/13 01:53, Blogger lisa dewane said...

I miss those days a lot too. I haven't seen any ladybirds this year, usually Wisconsin is inundated about now.

At 3/11/13 14:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

Thank you all for visiting.

Yes Sam I did realise it was a typo but I left it to see if you noticed !!!(that's my story and I'm sticking to it) LOL

Pamela I was relying on yo to tell me the type of spider!!

Kathy I can't believe we started so long ago (7 yrs)

Karmyn good you have decided to give it a go :)

John hope I can find enough to post daily!!!

Sandy all thanks to you reminding us what fun we used to have :)

Lisa now all I have to do is find all your links!!

Steffi lovely to see you are still here x


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