Sunday, November 03, 2013

Day 3...Favourite Kitchen Gadget

 Yesterday one of my FB friends posed the question "what is your favourite kitchen gadget" and that gave me a topic for today!

I'm not really sure I have a favourite but I chose my Remoska, which is an electric cooker, a one pot cook. So being a very lazy cook, and not really wanting to spend hours in the kitchen, this is a very useful appliance. I will be cooking our dinner in it this evening; in case you are curious as to what we will be having  lamb steaks, carrots, parsnips, potatoes. I will add to this broccoli cooked on the hob.. a little gravy for me  (Embee does not like gravy) and not to forget the mint sauce. I know exactly what Embee will say... a meal fit for a king!! Well not sure about that but not many pans to wash!!!

Just out of interest (not that I want to bore you), I bought this on a whim, it was on the sale shelf of my favourite kitchen store  and my friend was encouraging me to buy it. She had a small one given to her by a friend but had never actually used, which I thought was amusing. There was another lady close by and she obviously heard me dithering and joined the conversation, explaining how she loved hers and it how marvellous it was. That sold it and I bought it, got a free cook book with it as they had lost the box with the instructions. I later bought a rack and a container to separate veg if needed. You can make cakes in it but I haven't tried doing that yet...well it's early days only had it a couple of years LOL.....and would you believe my friend still hasn't used hers!!!!

Wondering if anyone who reads this has a favourite kitchen gadget??????? Could have been a Fun Monday topic back in the good old days!!!!

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At 3/11/13 13:23, Anonymous KaThYinCoLoRaDo said...

I all mine a 'crock pot' and I LOVE it. One meal in one pot. Very little clean up and whatever I cook in it is usually pretty tasty. And, oh how I miss our Mon Fundays. More than that, I miss our little group visiting each other on almost a daily basis.

At 3/11/13 16:16, Blogger John Greenwood said...

My favourite kitchen gadget is my Dad! xx

At 3/11/13 17:18, Blogger Sandy said...

I have to say that my favorite kitchen gadget is the coffee maker! I do have a crock pot and use it but without the coffee maker I would never be able to function enough to use it!

At 3/11/13 20:10, Blogger karisma said...

Pretty sure if I had one my favourite appliance would be the thermomix. I have so far refused to buy one as I already have all the other appliances that it is supposed to replace. Not sure if I have a favourite as I use different things all the time. I think I will have to blog about them one day this week. Good idea. My hubbys favourite is the soup machine. He loves that he can make soup himself and it only takes 20 minutes. I am sure he would be capable of using the stove but that soup machine has him hooked. LOL

At 3/11/13 20:59, Anonymous karmyn R said...

I've never seen a "gadget" quite like that - looks similar to a crockpot. I have to say my favorite gadget is my rice-cooker. Just put the rice and water in - and forget about it.

At 3/11/13 23:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

never seen one of these!!
I may have to look at it closer. I don't know which is my favorite in my kitchen. Maybe someone else cooking would be my favorite

Pamela (can't get to my password)


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