Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tunisia # 9 Sahara Desert (part 1)

Douz,is the largest of the oases in western Tunisia and driving through it looked quite shabby. It was from here that we were going to get our experience of the Sahara Desert. It was all geared for the tourists and very contrived, however you could still imagine what it must have been like for the early camel trains crossing the desert.
When you go out into the desert you really do need to dress for the occasion.

It seemed a bit of fun but when the wind whipped up a bit of a dust storm we were very glad to be dressed appropriately!

I was very tempted to take in the view riding on a camel, but decided my back might not like the experience.

I know I've already shown you a close up, but camels really do have the sweetest faces and these were very well behaved-no spitting or kicking.

So this is how Anna and I got out into the desert.
In places it was quite a bumpy ride, but the driver stopped frequently to let us take pictures and I'll show you some of these tomorrow.

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At 8/11/09 05:50, Blogger wendishness said...

These are great, camel riding is the weirdest feeling I think, I did it two years ago with a friend who was visiting from the US. Because of the way they walk, it feels so wonky!

love your costume!

At 8/11/09 13:13, Anonymous Janis said...

How interesting...thanks for the history lesson..I am learning a lot about that part of the country.

At 8/11/09 13:20, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

My back would need to stay off the camel too.

At 8/11/09 22:14, Blogger Beccy said...

Love the garb, did you get to keep it.

At 8/11/09 22:33, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy no, we only got to keep the head band that went around the scarf.

At 9/11/09 04:02, Blogger Pamela said...

hmmm... cute face? I'll go back and look at it again (:

Now YOU look cute, tho!

At 10/11/09 19:35, Blogger karisma said...

Oh very cool! You both pull off the look famously. Great shots too. Love those camels!


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