Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tunisia # 7 A trip into the desert (part1)

On day three of our holiday we headed out into the desert in a four-wheel drive vehicle. We were visiting the mountain oases of Tamerza and Chebika
Tamerza is the largest mountain oasis in Tunisia, known as Ad Turres by the Romans. It has a pleasant canyon and has an abandoned old town. The town was abandoned after the river flooded for 22 days in 1969. It is located north of the salt lakes and receives fresh water from the nearby hills. It is in the hill country near the border with Algeria.

The first couple of pictures are quite close to where we saw the camels crossing the road.

We passed a lot of derelict buildings along the road.
We then began to see the mountains.

Below you might be able to see how the road winds up into the mountains.

We then stopped to get the views back down into the valley.

Surrounded by mountains.

Of course there were a few stalls where we stopped.

Oh and a toilet block! Do you wonder what I was looking at lurking behind the toilets, I'm always nosey!

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the last thing one expected to see in a remote area of Tunisia!

I now rather regret not buying one of these scarves they were perfect for protecting you against the sun and more importantly the dust.

More to come in another post.

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At 4/11/09 14:42, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

So those ancient sewing machines are still being used.

At 4/11/09 16:48, Blogger Beccy said...

Was the sewing machine in working order?

The scarves are lovely colours, shame you didn't buy one.

At 4/11/09 16:59, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC and Beccy it was very rusty so I wouldn't think it was working.

At 4/11/09 21:45, Anonymous Grannymar said...

I too want the sewing machine!

At 5/11/09 14:43, Blogger Amrita said...

Some old Moslem tailors still use those ancient sewing machines in India. They are good.

Thanks for your reply Chris

At 6/11/09 07:02, Blogger Pamela said...

such colorful scarf in contrast to such a desolate place

At 8/11/09 05:46, Blogger wendishness said...

It looks so barren doesn't it, I love the colours of the scarves though


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