Monday, November 02, 2009

Tunisia # 6 Tozeur an oasis

Tozeur is an oasis town on the edge of the Sahara, we only spent a couple of nights here, we arrived late afternoon and this is my first view of the pool at our hotel. I managed to fit in a swim the following afternoon. In fact one of the things that we found frustrating was there was never enough time to use all the facilities in the hotel, because of the planned visits.

Our first morning was spent taking a carriage ride into the oasis. It was interesting to see dates, bananas and pomegranates growing, but it was pretty obvious this was another money making venture for the locals. It was very small scale compared to the hugely productive business where most of countryside is covered in olive and palm trees. We drove for hours and that was all you could see on either side of the road.

The young lad gave a demonstration of how they climbed the trees bared footed.

The bananas grown here are much smaller than the ones from other parts of the world and they are not as sweet.

We did get pomegranate in the hotels.

I have never really been fond of dates but these small fresh dates are so delicious I was eating a few every day and I brought some home. We were told that in the fridge they would last until Christmas but I don't somehow think ours will be around that long. In fact there are only a few left!
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At 3/11/09 13:05, Anonymous Janis said...

Looks like a beautiful sure do get around. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

At 3/11/09 13:23, Blogger Steffi said...

Wonderful pics of your holidays in Tunesia!The sunny pics makes my day better at this grey day today!

At 3/11/09 14:55, Blogger Beccy said...

It's great to see and read all about your trip mum.

At 3/11/09 17:50, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

The oasis seems abundantly productive.

At 6/11/09 07:04, Blogger Pamela said...

I've never cared that much for dates, either.

But sometimes fruit is so much different when you get it fresh - where it is grown.

I'll never get over there.. tho

At 8/11/09 05:44, Blogger wendishness said...

Nice! My sister had banana trees in her old back garden up north.


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