Friday, October 30, 2009

Tunisia # 4 Visiting a Carpet Shop

If one had wanted a hand made carpet you could certainly have picked one up a lot less expensive than you would find them in the shops at home.

There were plenty of different sizes, colours and designs on show.

Below the lady weaving this carpet is working from behind and she has the pattern in her head, which is amazing when you look at the intricate patterns being produced.

I don't think anyone in our party actually bought a carpet. We were speculating on what the families were actually paid to produce these carpets, and decided it was probably very little for the hours of work involved in producing the finished item.

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At 31/10/09 15:08, Blogger Amrita said...

This is lovely. Never knew Tunisia had a carpet industry.

The actual weavers don 't get as much as the middlemen and businesmen. This is true

But if the weavers are workibng for a coorperaqtive or sociuazl organization they are paid well.

At 31/10/09 23:05, Blogger Beccy said...

I hope they are working for a cooperative and do get paid a decent wage.

At 31/10/09 23:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

Amrita we didn't really get to know too much about the pay structure.

Beccy we were told everyone was very poor and relied on tips-however it was amazing to see that nearly all the houses had sky dishes!!

At 1/11/09 12:04, Anonymous wendishness said...

I think it's amazing that they have the patterns in their heads!


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