Thursday, November 05, 2009

Look what I won!

I had a lovely surprise today when a parcel arrived from Karisma. You can see below that it was a T-shirt and I must confess I'd forgotten I'd won it in a draw for commenting on one of Karisma's posts.

I will be taking it to Dublin when I go in a couple of weeks time and I'm sure it will fit one of my grandsons. If necessary I'll have to toss a coin!

So thank you very much Karisma it will be going to a good home x

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At 5/11/09 22:39, Anonymous daffy said...

Nice T-Shirt! I think tossing a coin sounds fair to me! I think the trip to Dublin will be just what the doctor ordered! It's nice to have something good to look forward to. I have my Saw Doctors Concert. Husband got our tickets today! Sadly I'm just going to Newcastle but I do hope to go and see them in Ireland some day!

At 6/11/09 05:09, Blogger karisma said...

You are welcome! Glad it finally got there! Hugs xxx

At 8/11/09 05:47, Blogger wendishness said...

Great t-shirt, well done for winning it!


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