Sunday, February 15, 2009

Killiney Bay # 2

Just a few more shots looking up and down the beach.
Above is looking towards Killiney Hill.
Below is looking towards Bray, which is further around the headland (or a couple of stops on the DART [train]).

Never mind the weather Ben had to sit down to play.
The tide was on the ebb.
I hope you've enjoyed sharing my fleeting trip to Killiney. I'm now busy thinking about when I can plan my next visit!

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At 15/2/09 18:24, Blogger Beccy said...

I hope you're planning it for sooner rather than later!

At 15/2/09 18:46, Blogger Sam said...

Isn't it your oldest daughter's turn for a visit by now?

At 15/2/09 21:20, Blogger the mother of this lot said...

Been there. Loved it!

At 15/2/09 21:39, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

Do the children talk with a cute little Irish lilt? - the beach look great.....


At 16/2/09 04:46, Blogger Pamela said...

you really need to plan a "tour"
... and we can all sign up

At 16/2/09 18:01, Blogger Sam said...

Hmm. I see she ignores me on this post.

At 16/2/09 18:16, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam not ignoring you but just haven't responded to comments. I will see what I can do later in the year after I have been to China.

At 16/2/09 18:18, Blogger ChrisB said...

Marmie they do have Irish accents but not that pronounced. The two youngest were born there and Dillon moved when he was 18 months old. Even my daughter used Irish phrases.

At 16/2/09 18:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

Jackie how long ago did you visit?

Pamela now that's an idea :)

At 17/2/09 16:52, Blogger MAYBELLINE said...

When I visited Great Britain, I found it amazing how far out low tide would be. Thank you for the travellog.


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