Sunday, November 23, 2008

Did I do the wrong thing?

On Friday I think I did a silly thing. Let me explain several weeks ago I had a letter from my GP(doc) inviting me to have a flu injection. Now when I was at work I used to be offered the same service (they would pay) but I never bothered because I had managed to remain pretty much germ free despite working in places where the germs were flying around. Since retiring I have not suffered from colds or flu although I do get a bit of rhinitis especially after flying.

So my have the flu jab or not. Both my mother and EmBee always have theirs, and my mother always feels ill after it. Anyway, I pushed the letter to one side and promptly forgot about it.
Then on Wednesday I had a phone call from Diane (Practice manager) reminding me that I had not booked an appointment. I was surprised at such service, anyway we had a discussion on the pros and cons and I allowed myself to be persuaded it was a good idea. I booked the appointment which was only being done on a Friday lunchtime (hmm I would have to miss my swimming).
I arrived in plenty of time because this was the first time I had visited the new home for my doctor (they moved back in July)..... I took my camera but forgot to take a photo but this is what it looks like
It looks quite smart from the outside and inside there is an automatic call system. Actually your name flashes up (a bit like in the bus shelters) and if you are immersed in a book, you might miss it like I nearly did!
I was met by a very pleasant treatment room nurse who asked me a few questions about allergies and then jabbed me in the left arm. So far so good, she then asked me did I want the pneumonia jab, again pro cons discussed. Did I really want to be pumped with bugs......yes I succumbed and got a jab in the other arm. She advised me to take paracetamol if I felt unwell...she then had me worried!
We went on to chat about the injections needed for my trip to China, and I find that she is also going there next year for her 25th Wedding Anniversary (surprising what you find out!). I'm going next week to plan my injections.....I hope the trip is worth it!

I bet you are wondering what is the point of all this rambling....well since the injections I've been feeling off colour... not exactly ill but aching limbs and itchy lumps on both arms... so I'm now wondering if I did the right thing... if after all this I get a cold or worst still flu I will be furious!

The cynical side of me says they are not really interested in my health but are keen to get the money for administering all these injections. What do you think??

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At 23/11/08 13:47, Blogger Jan said...

Hi Chris, I pretty healthy, too. I think the flue shots are a great investment. Occasionally, there might be a reaction, but the benefits far outweigh that. I think they're "pushing" it, this year, because they finally have enough! Most years they're caught short-handed. They've geared up because health officials want to avoid a pandemic, like we had in the last century. I'm glad you got it.

At 23/11/08 13:58, Blogger BS said...

I got my flu shot at work (one of the benefits this year) and felt achy the day after but have felt fine since. You probably did the right thing - the flu is not fun, if you get it.

At 23/11/08 14:46, Blogger kitten said...

I believe in the flu shot, even though the shots didn't work over here last year and I almost lost my mom. I hope they did a better job this year.
I always feel a little off beat, but it beats coming down with the full blown flu!

At 23/11/08 15:09, Anonymous m (the misanthrope) said...

Hmmm...I have had that very same dilemma for the last few years. They push the flu shots really hard over here. I have never gotten one. I hate needles and I always wonder what the chances are that they will have accurately predicted the flu strain that will actually spread this year. However, I think that each person needs to make their own decision and there are certain people who definitely should get the shot.

But let me tell ya, I have a bunch of self-righteous coworkers who make it their mission to ask everyone if they've gotten their shot yet. If you say No, they look at you disapprovingly, lecture you about why you're wrong and they're right, and generally put you on a big guilt trip. Phooey.

For the record, I stay home if I'm sick, and they are the ones who drag their sniffling, dripping selves to work just to show how devoted they are.

Sorry for the rant :-) Thanks for the description of the post-shot experience...I'll be interested to see how you do!

At 23/11/08 16:01, Blogger Beccy said...

Who knows?

But you were always in favour of other vaccines.

At 23/11/08 16:25, Blogger ChrisB said...

Jan I probably made the right choice.

Beth I think my reaction has been similar to yours

kitten I think it's the fact that it doesn't protect you against all strains that bothered me!

Beccy, you're right I am in favour of a lot of them.

At 23/11/08 16:25, Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Chris,

I think that if you've never needed it before now, why start? Personally, I'm not for flu vaccines (except for the very old and infirm) and it sounds to me from reading your blog that you eat a pretty nutritious diet, so seem to have sturdy immune system.

Just my two cents.

I won't be getting the shots -- just taking my apple cider vinegar and cod liver oil, eating as organically as possible and going about my business! It's held me in good stead thus far. :O)

Have a great new week!!

At 23/11/08 16:28, Blogger ChrisB said...

M my husband who is diabetic and my elderly mum really do have to be vaccinated. I am sure the aches I'm feeling will soon disappear.

At 23/11/08 16:31, Blogger ChrisB said...

Lisa everything you say makes sense so maybe I did do the wrong thing!

At 23/11/08 16:37, Blogger Pamela said...

itchy lumps? a little allergic reaction.

I haven't gotten my shot this year _ I always do.

Other people tell me they feel a bit achy after wards. I'm sure not as achy as if you actually get the flue.

Hope they figured the correct one this year.

At 23/11/08 17:20, Blogger Lisa said...

There is so much pressure (as one of your commenters has already alluded to) from society to get these shots, that we feel like if we don't, we're doing something wrong. If we listen to our bodies and take care of ourselves, most of us don't have an issue. Therein lies the problem. Many do not take care of themselves, so the powers that be have decided that there's got to be a panacea. Indeed there does!

Sorry for going off on my "soapbox". The cure is there (good food, exercise, etc.); we just have to be willing to choose that cure.

P.S. I don't pretend to know everything about health. Far from it. I've just begun this journey to better health and it's so exciting for me. You've prompted me to blog today about one of my favorite cure-all's. Apple Cider Vinegar. I love the way the blogging community gets your brain juices flowing!! :O)

At 23/11/08 17:50, Blogger Sam said...

I don't know about pneumonia shot, but you simply do not get sick after a flu jab - it's a myth.

I have had a flu jab for the last 2 years since we have them free at work and I haven't felt anything unusual.

I am glad you are all getting the pneumonia vaccine though. I was shocked to find out recently how fast it can take effect and kill even quite young people. So - I am rather you have a little discomfort now instead of something more seriousl later. Aren't you?

At 23/11/08 18:24, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I've been getting the shots for a number of years. Sometimes, in the first few yers, I would think that I felt some effects but not lately.

At 23/11/08 18:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always get the flu shot and they recommend it here for pregnant women too which surprised me.
I always feel off colour for a few days but that might all be in my head!

At 23/11/08 19:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mum always got her flu jab and was always really ill, (really proper poorly) afterwards.. I guess this time will make the desicion easire for you next time... (does that make sense) Let's hope you are just getting a few little symptoms but the big snot fest will keep away! I have my fingers crossed for you. Now! Feet up, hot water bottle on your back and read a book! :o)

At 23/11/08 19:48, Blogger A Spot of T said...

I've heard the same thing from so many people. But that isn't why I refuse to get the flu shot. It's because I rarely get sick. Seriously, it's been years since I've had any sort of cold or flu so I always figure I'm doing something right. Hard to say what's right or wrong when it comes to something like this. Some people will argue til they're blue in the face on why you 'should' get the shots. I find them the most annoying :o) Only you know what's right for you and hopefully the itchies will go soon as well as the feeling off.

At 23/11/08 20:17, Blogger ChrisB said...

Pamela luckily the itching has lessened over the course of today so by tomorrow I'm hoping it will be gone.

Alix that's interesting about recommending it for pregnant women!

Daffy that sounds like a good idea :)

Joy embee says the last time he remembers me being ill in bed was when My girls were still at school and that's a long time ago and this is one of the reasons I was hesitating!

At 24/11/08 02:45, Blogger Team Gherkin said...

I've never had flu shots, so I have no idea if they're a good thing or not.

I hope you're feeling brighter already. Oh, I'm sure you are!

Mal :)

At 24/11/08 03:27, Blogger Alison said...

I am hit and miss with my flu shots, some years I get it and some I don't...I don't always get the flu either. I do always have my children get the flu shot. Michael has asthma and he had pneumonia every winter, very severe, until he started getting the flu shot. He has not had pneumonia since.

I am always told that I should get the shot because of my profession...but...I forget sometimes!!

I do think it is normal to feel blah for a couple days after the vaccine...I think you made the right decision and it certainly won't hurt you.

At 24/11/08 19:17, Blogger Janis said...

I get the flu shot every year, been doing it for 11 years now. Seems to work for me, of course it helps to be in a warm climate and get out doors in the sunshine. Most of all keep your hands washed and dont put them around your nose,eyes or mouth.


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