Friday, August 22, 2008

King Bladud's Pigs

I first need to introduce you to King Bladud so that you understand........

King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath is a summer 2008 public art event to celebrate Bath, its origins and its artists and provide residents and visitors with some artistic enjoyment. One hundred life-size pig sculptures turned into works of art are on display throughout the summer all around Bath and beyond - to be gathered in at the end of September, then auctioned off in October for the benefit of the Two Tunnels Project.

When Beccy and Ben were here a few weeks ago you may remember me telling about our visit to Fishworks Cafe. As we left the cafe we saw the pig below and it took a lot of persuasion to get Ben to pose with the pig. However once we turned it into a game he got very excited and we rushed around looking for as many pigs as possible in the limited time available. We didn't have a pig map (although I do now) but we managed to find a few and I thought I would share them with you.

Pig of Paradise (high in a tree)
Hammy Houdini the Espigologist
Ayla the Historical Sow
Hedge Hog
Rocky (on top of a silo at Coombe Down and sponsored by the company,{Hydrock}, who employ Embee).

I think you will agree they are magnificent pieces of fun art. I don't expect I will get the opportunity to see all the pigs, although I would like to, and I'm sure they will make a lot of money when they are auctioned in October.

2007: Witty Wednesday-16

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At 22/8/08 20:42, Anonymous judysteapot said...

wow they are brilliant and what fun for such good causes. can I ask if they ever get vandalized?

At 22/8/08 22:01, Blogger Barbara said...

I think they are fabulous. I have seen a similar charity thing using cows but I think the pigs are more fun.

At 22/8/08 23:52, Blogger hulagirlatheart said...

LOVE the pigs, especially the pig of paradise! Louisville, Kentucky does this with horses. They are so much fun.

At 23/8/08 00:19, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

Oh, so Beatles!
"Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt?"
Well, much nicer piggies.

At 23/8/08 00:43, Blogger Cynthia said...

Boy, that is "Some Pig"

At 23/8/08 01:59, Blogger BS said...

A few years back, Washington, DC had the Party Animals (donkeys and elephants - the political party symbols). I set out on a mission that year and captured about 175 out of 200 with pictures. It was fun.

At 23/8/08 03:18, Blogger Jettie said...

oOHh I love them!! especially the one with angel wings!!
in a town near us they did Bison!

At 23/8/08 04:15, Blogger Ari_1965 said...

Fun. And such a handsome kid.

At 23/8/08 05:02, Blogger Betty said...

I really enjoyed see all the painted pigs. I used to collect pigs because my Dad was a livestock dealer and bought and sold pigs for a profit. These pigs are so different and unusual looking. Thanks for sharing.

At 23/8/08 09:29, Blogger Beccy said...

That was a fun day.

At 23/8/08 10:52, Blogger ChrisB said...

judy unfortunately some do and in some places they actually take them in at night but not the ones we saw.

barbara I think it's great fun. We spoke to a lady who was planning a pig hunt for children with special needs at a summer play scheme.

hulag. I'd like to see the horses


cynthia they are great

bs you did well and you have a blog topic there!

jettie it's a great idea to pick the animal that has meaning to the area

betty you know I wish I could afford to bid for one!

beccy I really would have like to see some of the others. Did you realise that Rocky has a miners hat on, apparently they would have liked to have the light working at night but not possible

At 23/8/08 16:18, Blogger Sam said...

In SF we had hearts. They took them all down but there is still one left a block from my house - did you see it?

I love the pig-style though. It's very bold looking and lends itself perfectly to all the different interpretations.

At 23/8/08 17:24, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam I don't think I saw the heart I can't remember it anyway.

At 23/8/08 17:36, Blogger Mark A. said...

Cookiecrumb wrote: Oh, so Beatles!

There's a Beatles connection to one of the piggies - Peter Blake, the artist for the cover of 'Sgt Peppers ...' lived in Wellow, south of Bath, for some years, and kindly decorated one of I think three pigs that are placed in the village.

At 23/8/08 17:48, Blogger ChrisB said...

mark a I see from the info I have that the Peter Blake Pig is called Tattoo and it's located at the Fox & Badger Pub in Wellow.

At 23/8/08 20:16, Blogger Pamela said...

oh you have my creative juices flowing. A town in northeastern Oregon is full of frogs!

I will have to get my grand children to pose with them next time!!

At 23/8/08 21:43, Blogger ChrisB said...

pamela it would be fun to see the frogs, glad to have helped your creative juices! LOL

At 24/8/08 04:53, Blogger Alison said...

those are great!!

At 27/8/08 10:20, Blogger Sam said...

What fabulous pigs!! I had no idea that this was going on in Bath - I will have to go and have a look before they auction them up!

At 28/8/08 07:15, Blogger Steffi said...

Cute colourful pigs!Lovely pics and a cute Ben!

At 3/9/08 02:13, Blogger elena jane said...

they are wonderful!! what cute little piggies (and a sweet little boy)....on the outer banks in NC, they had a flying horse art exhibit....and the horses are still all over the area after all these years! :)


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