Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday's 40 or less Photo Challenge # 11 Grandfather

Robin has chosen this beautiful sculpture for the subject of this week's challenge. She found this outside Rembrandt's in the Bluff View Arts District of Chattanooga.


I look into your eyes and see love and trust
You have the softest skin and sweetest smile
My heart is full of joy whenever I see you

Head over to Robin's to see who else is participating this week or even better join in!

2007: Witty Wednesday #13

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At 18/7/08 08:31, Blogger la bellina mammina said...

That's a beautiful sculpture - and a sweet poem:-)

At 18/7/08 11:33, Anonymous EmBee said...

Got the same hairstyle as me!!! Love

At 18/7/08 11:39, Blogger karisma said...

Beautiful words! Can tell you are a grandparent!

Love Embee's comment there! He he!

Mines done too!

At 18/7/08 12:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

ha embee but there are other differences!!!!

At 18/7/08 16:31, Anonymous swampy said...

Wish I'd been in on this one. So many wonderful memories evoked from reading these. Loved yours, by the way.

At 18/7/08 18:15, Anonymous Robin said...

Chris--perfection. As a grandparent, you have an unfair advantage! Ha!

In just a few words, you summed up the essence of this heart was full of joy from reading it.


At 18/7/08 22:57, Anonymous Amber (Imperishable Beauty) said...

How wonderful to have a grandparent's perspective on this one! The poem leaves no doubt that two are very close. :)

At 19/7/08 01:17, Blogger lisaschaos said...

Ahhh, that should be in a card from a grandfather. :) Precious!

At 19/7/08 04:56, Blogger Eve said...

I love your poem. I can relate both as a grandparent and as a child of loving grandparents.

At 19/7/08 06:22, Blogger Robert said...

What a very touching post. I was glad to participate in this one and to come read yours.

At 19/7/08 08:04, Blogger Pamela said...

our curlymop is here this week.
She has a lot of things to tell us - that make us giggle.

At 19/7/08 13:14, Blogger Steffi said...

Beautiful sculpture and poem!

At 20/7/08 00:10, Blogger Peculiar said...

I tell ya what--that looks exactly like what this grandpa is saying to this precious little girl. I love this sculpture!

At 20/7/08 11:19, Blogger ChrisB said...

Thank you all for visiting and leaving me some lovely comments :)

At 20/7/08 19:06, Blogger storyteller said...

Sigh! I can’t believe I forgot about 40PC this week, but your response is truly lovely … so I’d glad I didn’t miss yours.
Hugs and blessings,


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