Saturday, February 16, 2008

Honey and Carrot Cake (and an award!)

Last year I tried out a recipe for low-fat carrot cake and ever since I have been meaning to try out some different versions. I was given the perfect opportunity, when last week I was tidying up my cookery books and found this
recipe written, by my mother, on a brown paper bag. She agreed it was her writing but could not remember ever making it, so this morning as I had all the ingredients in the house I decided to see how a honey and carrot cake would turn out! I used a local honey and my flour came from Shipton Mill and most of the ingredients I used were organic.
The end result was a cake that was moist, spicey but not too sweet and this suited me and my mother. However I think for many an added topping would be a must!

Honey and Carrot Cake
Recipe: (1lb.Tin loaf)
1/2 (half) lb plain wholemeal flour
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon spice
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
4 oz marg or butter
4 oz sugar
4 oz honey
1/2 lb carrots (grated)
Put honey, sugar, marg in pan and melt.
Add dry ingredients mix
Add carrots last
Bake in oven 170c (60-80mins) (Mine took just less than an hour with lower temp 150 as I have a fan oven).
As you can see this is a very simple cake to make~ I couldn't believe how quickly I threw everything together...
Should anyone give this a go I would be interested to know what you think!
Angela who has the Lurchers, gave me the perfect award for Valentine's Day. I know I should have added it to my post on the day. Thank you very much Angela, you are the second person who has been kind enough to say they love my blog and in turn I will pass this on to Lisa because I love her photographs.
2007: Recycling

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At 16/2/08 18:03, Blogger Sandy said...

OK, the cake looks good but your new photography skills are what really wow me! I love that montage.

Thanks, Chris, I'm gonna go play with my photo editor now. Which one are you using?

At 16/2/08 18:05, Blogger ChrisB said...

Hi Sandy this is a programme on my mac called comic life!

At 16/2/08 18:59, Anonymous Grannymar said...

I think I might check out ths cake and I'll tell Steph about it as well.

I love the picture layout!

At 16/2/08 21:02, Blogger Steffi said...

Thank you for your delicious recipe,Chris.Your picture looks good!I have also some hand written recipes by my mum and I collect it.
Have a nice weekend!Congrats to your award!

At 17/2/08 00:27, Blogger Jennie said...

I think I'll be baking that cake next week! Thanks Chris. I love that it was your mothers recipe.

At 17/2/08 01:35, Blogger lisa marie said...

Thanx for the award! It's neat you thought of me. :)

At 17/2/08 01:36, Blogger lisa marie said...

selfish, selfish, selfish (me not you), banging my head. . . CONGRATS! I loveyour blog too. :)

At 17/2/08 01:41, Blogger lisa marie said...

I may get one of those cakes. . . I enticed hubby with your pretty photos. :)

At 17/2/08 01:42, Blogger secret squirrel said...

Hi! I will be making this cake....imagine your mums cake being made all around the world...hooray!
The pen has stopped working on the bamboo....and HE can not find the reciept....that is is too sad to talk about...i'm sure the cake will cheer me up though
xox eve xox

At 17/2/08 03:53, Blogger Alison said...

the recipe looks delicious! I am going to have to try it. Congrats on the award, you deserve it!!1

At 17/2/08 10:49, Blogger Barbara said...

I love carrot cake. This sounds delish.

At 17/2/08 11:23, Blogger Beccy said...

Looks yummy, wish I was there to share it with you....then I would have stopped you posting that picture.

At 17/2/08 12:45, Blogger thefoodsnob said...

That looks great, Chris!
I don't like a very sweet cake, either, so it would be perfect.
(Is wholemeal flour the same as whole wheat?)


At 17/2/08 12:59, Blogger ChrisB said...

lisa I found out my hubby who is diabetic had sneaked a piece of cake I hope he doesn't suffer!

secret squirrel it's maddening when things don't work as well as you expect!

lisa I think wholemeal must be the same as your whole wheat. Goggle and see what you think!

At 17/2/08 17:48, Blogger Kaytabug said...

This cake looks delicious!

Congrats on the award!!

At 17/2/08 22:41, Blogger frannie said...

the cake looks great!

At 18/2/08 11:20, Blogger Deborah said...

This looks wonderful Chris... my husband loves carrot cake and I don't think I've ever made one. He is also a HUGE fan of honey, so I know this recipe would be a hit! I might just give it a go this week!

At 24/5/08 17:00, Anonymous BrigetRose said...

This cake looks delicious, I just have to try it! Thanks for sharing that recipe! Great Blog!


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