Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meme and Award

Cynthia over at 'Dahhhling I love you but give me Park Avenue'... has tagged me some of these I've done before as part of other memes so sorry if I repeat myself!!

4 Jobs I've Had:

Childminder~ I'm not sure if I ever mentioned I was once a childminder. In a way this was not a job I chose because I was rather begged to do it by a ward sister at the hospital where I had worked. She wanted to go back to work and as I was home my own daughter, who was a just under a year old, and I was very short of money, I agreed. There were no doubly buggies back then and it was hard work!

Mother~ this is the best job I have had. Although I had to work outside the home from the time my eldest daughter was 7 yrs old and youngest was 4 yrs old. Being a mother is the job I value most.

Daughter ~ have you ever thought how suddenly roles reverse I may no longer be caring for my children although sometimes I think that is not strictly true! I am however caring for my mother and this is almost like a nursing/domestic role as she relies heavily on me for many things.

You may not think being a wife to two husbands as a job. However when I married the first time I knew that I wanted to be at home for my children and create a warm homely environment for my husband to come home to (he was in the Merchant Navy). I was young and naive and although he was our world we were not his and we got dumped after seven years~ a very painful period in our lives and a sharp learning curve for me. I knew that I only had me to rely on and after 6 yrs back nursing I joined Social Services, did additional training and carved myself a career until I retired. I did marry again and have been looking after embee for nearly 30 yrs ~ he may not agree with this but he is not a new age man, however he does manage to do the garden and a few simple DIY jobs (he's out weeding the garden as I type and he fitted new security chains to two of our doors last week)!

4 Movies I've watched over and over:
I'm not that bothered about watching things over again but if they come on TV I do tend to watch...
Gone with the Wind
Dirty Dancing
Any of the classics such as Dickens, Bronte..oh, and romantic comedies who can forget 'When Harry met Sally'.

4 Places I Have Lived:
I have not moved very far in all my life:
I was born in Oxfordshire and when my father left the army after the war, my mother moved to Berkeley as in Glucestershire England not to be confused with the Calafornia one! We lived in a small cottage, then a shop when I was 8yrs, and at 16 my parents gave up their shop and bought a new house. At the age of 18yrs I left home and moved to Bristol where I lived in the Nurses Home for a couple of years. I have lived in and around Bristol ever since. Two flats, first house, then to my favourite house (a lovely four bed detached house), and from there we moved to current our Victorian house.

4 Shows I Watch:
These probably won't mean a lot to many of you!
Antiques Roadshow~ I love old things and seeing how much they are worth
Home and Away ( Aussie Soap)
Dancing on Ice (contest for celebrities who have a professional dance partner)
Primevil ( a sci fi not really that good but it fills a gap on a Saturday night)

4 Places I've Been: Can I cheat and give a few more!!!!!
West Indies~several of the islands~ that trip was one good thing from my first marriage!
Las Vegas~ Grand Canyon
San Francisco
New York
New England (lots of places here including Boston, Plymouth, Cape Cod just to name a few!)
Canada~ Toronto, Niagara

4 People Who E-mail Me Regularly:
Well firstly I get email comments from all my blogger friends which I really look forward to every day.
Embee sends me jokes from his work computer!!
My girls
Oh and all the spam which is usually filtered!

4 Favorite Things to Eat:
Being English I'm sure you would expect me to say:

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
Fish and Chips
Any pasta dish
Anything cooked by my daughters!!

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
I'd rather be visiting my children
Walking in the countryside
Living in a warm country near the sea where I could walk bare footed in soft clean sand~ heaven.
Sometimes I would even like to be back at work but I'm sure if I did go back I would then wish I was retired!

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year:
Holiday in Portugal with Beccy and family
Trips to Ireland to see Beccy and grandchildren.
A lovely warm summer without too much rain (well I can dream)
A year of peace and goodwill throughout the world!

Laurie has given me this yummy award which I have added to my gallery that can be accessed via my side bar. I love reading about the Laurie's dogs and seeing pictures that remind me of my dear departed Tamsie. So if you haven't met Laurie pop over and introduce yourself!

Now I always find Willowtree 'yummily funny' and I dread to think what he might do to this award but I'm sending it his way regardless! He'll probably ignore it as he's into other things!

2007: How not to treat your baskets

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At 10/2/08 13:14, Blogger laurie said...

you are braver than i. i had thought about sending willowtree the award, but then i thought, no, too easy...

At 10/2/08 13:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

laurie I decided to risk the abuse!

At 10/2/08 14:47, Blogger katy said...

what great jobs you have had and have.

At 10/2/08 16:23, Blogger Sandy said...

Way braver than I am, too! I know you only had room for 4 jobs, but I think it interesting that wife, mother, daughter are all jobs. Grandmother? Just a pleasure and a joy, I'm thinking.

At 10/2/08 16:42, Blogger lisa marie said...

Not much repeat there. You sure have traveled a lot! Must be full of great memories. :)

I too love Dirty Dancing and When Harry met Sally. :)

At 10/2/08 17:00, Anonymous tiger lamb girl said...

What an interesting post - I keep learning more about you;).

I can't wait to see if WT reacts to the award...and if so -- just how he'll respond, lol!

At 10/2/08 17:40, Blogger Sam said...

grease? GREASE?!
I am not sure you should be watching that at your age.

At 10/2/08 18:05, Blogger ChrisB said...

katy I'm not so sure about that!!

sandy the grandmother bit is pure joy~ well most of the time!

lisa I always feel that I haven't been to many places but I guess I have been quite lucky especially in the past few years!

TLG I'm waiting to see if he takes the bait!

sam I knew that would get some reaction from You!!

At 10/2/08 19:03, Blogger Sam said...

Also - what do I have to do to get you to come on multiple trips to SF? Have a baby I suppose. I could try and borrow a baby if that would help increase my attraction. The dog downstairs is about to give birth to a whole litter of puppies and they are going to be really cute cos they will be little white fluffy balls of fluff.

At 10/2/08 22:13, Blogger Cynthia said...

wonderful! I'm afraid that I just love memes.

I am excited for your trip to Portugal!

At 10/2/08 22:54, Blogger Barbara said...

and here I am living in Australia and have yet to watch an episode of Home and Away since arriving. I do see the trailers but the weather is so fabulous we hardly spend time in front of the TV.

At 10/2/08 23:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam I am sure you don't want me there again so soon!

barbara I think I watch it more from habit than anything else, it's often the first thing I watch after the news in the evening, however if I lived where there was sunshine I doubt would watch much TV.

At 11/2/08 00:46, Anonymous swampy said...

Congrats on the award. I shudder to think what WT will do with it.
Loved the MeMe. Can relate to a lot of it.

At 11/2/08 00:46, Blogger my4kids said...

Great answers. You have been to a lot of places. I haven't even been out of the US. And I love Grease and Dirty Dancing.

At 11/2/08 01:21, Blogger Pamela said...

I see that award/button has a blog address on it.
Hey - we ought to invent a new blog button with OUR addresses on it. You could use that motorcycle grandmas you photoshopped!

hee haw!

At 11/2/08 02:34, Blogger Sauntering Soul said...

Very interesting stuff to learn about you!

Being a wife definitely counts as a job. I got fired from it several years ago.

I absolutely love watching Antiques Roadshow! I have seen some really neat stuff on there.

At 11/2/08 13:52, Blogger Beccy said...

Sam beat me to the Grease comment!

Ben loves Primevil too!

At 11/2/08 21:38, Anonymous enidd said...

well, dare enidd say it, but she quite likes grease too.

At 11/2/08 21:47, Blogger ChrisB said...

enidd they are both still mad at me for not letting them watch it when they were very young~ I was a protective mum!

At 11/2/08 21:49, Blogger ChrisB said...

Pamela thats a good idea when I have time I will see what I can do!

At 13/2/08 05:52, Blogger Steffi said...

Great Meme and very interesting!Congrats to your award!


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