Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hooray for Integrity....

Lisa who in my opinion is not the least bit chaotic has given me an integrity award. I'm flattered that she thinks that I'm honest and have strong moral principles (dictionary definition). I think there are some members of my family who might disagree with this and say I am not always honest . I suppose there have been times when I have been economical with the truth, for example 'does this make me look fat' I would not necessarily be blunt and say 'yes' I would be more likely to say something like 'so and so suits you much better'.
However this week in the local shop when I was given too much change I did point it out to the girl on the check out~ something I have not always done in the past~so I think this award is having a good affect!
In my blogging what you see is what you get~this is me. I dabble in this and that and plod along, middle of the road, msaverage~ I think my blog report would read~tries hard but will never be a high achiever! I would be happy with this, especially when someone like Lisa, who takes such beautiful photos, gives me an award!
Now I know I should be passing this on but I'm going to keep it in the family! So I give this to my daughters~
Sam always maintains her integrity. Her love of good food and wine is evident to anyone who reads her posts. Her restaurant reviews are written honestly from her personal experience, even when she knows they will not be well received. She does no advertising on her blog and this prevents her being influenced in any way, shape or form. Also anyone who gives up their car to help reduce the carbon footprint needs rewarding!
Beccy keeps me up to date with the trials and tribulations of her busy life with three children, and she isn't afraid to let us know when disasters as well as good things happen!
I wasn't exactly given the second award personally. Katie Her Indoors offered the Wonderful Women on the Web Award to all of us so I had to add one of these to my collection.
Both of these will be added to my gallery. Thank you my friends.

2007: Good Neighbours

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At 2/2/08 16:24, Blogger Sandy said...

Good on you, Chris! It's amazing how much power a word like integrity can possess. My personal integrity is one of the few things that I have managed to safeguard through my life (not counting the 'do these pants make me look fat?' questions) so I sort of know how you feel.

And how lovely that you passed that trait on to your daughters!

At 2/2/08 17:45, Blogger Beccy said...

Thank you mum, love you lots xxx

At 2/2/08 17:53, Blogger john.g. said...


At 2/2/08 19:07, Blogger Sam said...

Thank you mum. I think integrity is a good thing to aim for in life, even though we might all fail sometimes. It's true that my blog is a place where integrity is key. My belief in transparency and honesty in the things I create on my blog are what keeps it true. To me this is more important than making a quick buck from a few cheesy ads.

At 2/2/08 20:43, Blogger Willowtree said...

Blogging definitely appears to be a women's sport. Half the awards around these days you can quality for by just sitting down to pee. So that's what I'm going to do from now on too!
As an added bonus, I'll save some cleaning time to boot!

Anyway, a bug congratulations on the Integrity award, at that that one was earned honestly.

At 2/2/08 21:02, Blogger Alix said...

Well done Chris, you deserved these! I love reading your blog and think your a pretty high flier myself!

At 2/2/08 22:06, Anonymous EmBee said...

EmBee reckons that you deserve both of them and I love you lots

At 2/2/08 23:48, Blogger lisa marie said...

:) ahhhh, I'm happy to comment after Embee. :)

At 3/2/08 01:29, Blogger Alison said...

two wonderful awards Chris and you deserve both of them!!!

At 3/2/08 02:12, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Well done thou good and faithful blogger. :)

At 4/2/08 07:28, Blogger Steffi said...

Chris, you deserved these!Congrats!I love to read in your blog too and of course in Beccy┬┤s too!


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