Thursday, May 03, 2007

Frannie's 'blog community project'

Frannie over at 'the t family syndicate' is organising a 'Secret Swap Spectacular'. Hop over to find out more and sign up to participate.
It sounds fun I have already started making a list of things I intend to include... intrigued then go and find out more!!!



At 3/5/07 19:14, Anonymous Lisa said...

I've been over to sign up, though I have no idea what I'll send!

At 3/5/07 20:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

lisa I have a couple of ideas but I want to see who I'm paired with and where they live in.

At 3/5/07 20:15, Blogger my4kids said...

I've already signed up!

At 3/5/07 20:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

my4kids I hope she gets lots of support. I'll take another look later.


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