Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun Monday # 15 Every picture tells a story!!

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch has set the Fun Monday Topic for this week: "Your best spy camera photo and story about the photo".

When Julie set this challenge I thought hmmm two heads are better than one for this!! I don't really have any 'spy' photos so I'll let you spy on me!!

When you get a new computer and suddenly you get an intermittent broadband and wireless connections, your brain explodes trying to sort things out so what do you do..... split yourself in two to operate both screens depending which one decides to work.

If this is not enough you puzzle and puzzle about all the new systems, your brain is addled and your face becomes so twisted you're are unrecognisable even to your nearest and dearest who is cursing because he can't send an email. He rants that you should be ringing the cable company to sort it out- never mind his e-mails what about my blogging!!

and eventually, when you've spent ages getting to speak to a real person in customer services and half an hour talking to some guy who actually says he can see there is a problem but the engineers can't seem to fix it, but he assures me they are working on it feel you're loosing yourself down a long tunnel.........

Will normality ever return you ask yourself... well it's not quite there yet!!

I don't think this is quite what Julie had in mind but it's the best I could do in a short time.
Hoorah logged on second attempt so this will get published.

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At 30/4/07 07:47, Blogger Pamela said...

m.u.s.t g.e.t m.e that software!!!

At 30/4/07 07:55, Blogger Beccy said...

You're up very early mum.

Love all the effects!

At 30/4/07 08:07, Blogger my4kids said...

The twisty one made me a little dizzy! I like this one.

At 30/4/07 08:19, Anonymous enidd said...

photobooth is such fun. enidd has wasted far too much time with it already. good photos!

At 30/4/07 08:53, Anonymous Willowtree said...

pic #1 - You seem to be in a reflective mood today.

pic #2 - Ah, I see you've tried my mother's cooking.

pic# 3 - Doctor Who?

pic #4 - Ah Ha! No that's not an exclamation, it's the name of the band whose video clip you belong in.

At 30/4/07 11:54, Anonymous Robin said...

VERY imaginative way to handle "spy day" on Fun Monday. I have NO idea what I'm going to post, so instead, I'm bouncing around a bit.

Hope you're back to normal by now (hehe)...well, you're "new" normal :).

At 30/4/07 13:38, Blogger Asha said...

Hahaha!! Good one Chris.Looks like you had fun weekend.

Second one is really scary!!! I love the first one!:))

At 30/4/07 14:33, Anonymous Lisa said...

Cool pictures Chris!

At 30/4/07 15:25, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Very creative; someday I get get back to Fun Mondays.

At 30/4/07 15:33, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Hee Hee - love the swirly head.

Some days I really do feel like that.

At 30/4/07 15:52, Blogger Sam said...

are you trying to put me out of a job?

At 30/4/07 16:16, Anonymous nikki said...

my head felt like picture number 2 this morning. nothing to make your mind go bonkers than a sick kid.

At 30/4/07 17:33, Blogger Amy W said...

I'm not sure which one is my favorite!!

At 30/4/07 18:54, Blogger The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

I like the double vision picture!! The swirl is pretty funny too - (Source material for painting? she asks pointedly!)

At 30/4/07 19:24, Blogger ChrisB said...

pamela I'm having fun trying it out!

beccy I was up early to start cooking I had my old team for lunch today. You'll hear about my disaster tomorrow!!

my4kids this is only a few samples.

enidd I'm sure I will be wasting a lot of time playing- never mind 'boys and their toys' us girls can give them a run for their money!!

willowtree hehe your comments are funnier than the post- your mother might not be too happy though!!

robin- I'lll be over to see what you come up with !

asha I'm not sure about a close up of all the wrinkles and lines!!

lisa thanks it shows how desperate I was to find a topic!

anvilcloud You have more important things on your mind at the moment!!

karmyn I know exactly what you mean

sam never- but it's fun trying out photo booth I could get hooked.

amy w not sure any of them could really be deemed likeable!

nikki oh poor you; hope you both feel better soon.

purpleworms hideous portraits is a bit ambitious- although if I mess up I could say it is abstract art.

At 30/4/07 20:33, Blogger Tiggerlane said...

Very creative! My daughter has this program, and spends a lot of time playing with it. So, you know you're REALLY computer-literate to keep up with the young uns!

At 30/4/07 22:04, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Very clever Chris!!

At 30/4/07 23:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

tiggerlane I think your daughter could probably teach me more than a thing or two about using this programme!

sally I'm now wondering what else I can do!!

At 1/5/07 03:17, Blogger Barbara said...

Ooooh how clever.

At 1/5/07 10:07, Blogger Sam said...

That's great Chris. I love the second pic!

At 1/5/07 12:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam that's one for scaring the grandchildren!!

At 1/5/07 22:37, Blogger elena jane said...

love the visual effects! :) fun new photo prog?? ;)

At 2/5/07 08:16, Blogger ChrisB said...

elena jane I've been doing a lot of experimenting and wasting far too much time!!


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