Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tortoises are expensive pets!

I cannot believe how much Topsy's recent stay at the vet cost us... wait for it £566.44 ($1132.88). I nearly fainted when Embee told me so it was short rations for us last week and for a few weeks to come.

This is more than the cost of 17 trips to Dublin or a trip to San Fransico.

Additionally I still had to bathe her daily try and get her to take a vitamin drink and force feed her peas- not easy I can tell you. I am please to say after being home a week she is now eating herself provided I find copious amounts of dandelions (I'm cultivating them in my front lawn) with some apple, banana and lettuce thrown in. We have also discoved tortoises eat Sedum and luckily enough we had one growing in our front garden (this won't last long so we will need to plant some more).
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At 29/4/07 16:54, Blogger Beccy said...

Phew, that's one huge vet bill mum, it's good to see the tortoises with their oiled shells tucking in to their grub!

At 29/4/07 17:06, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy Topsy's was oiled earlier so no longer shines. Far too much money.

At 29/4/07 18:27, Blogger Dee said...

Wow..that is way to expensive for me. I thought my dogs vet bill of 150 was a bit much for some worms he could not get rid of was a bit much. Do not think I want a tortoise.

At 29/4/07 19:55, Blogger Sam said...

i think I owe you some money - I feel responsible for some of those tortoise bills. When you come to SF everything will be taken care of.

At 29/4/07 22:32, Blogger ChrisB said...

hi dee I can tell you it was way too expensive for us, we didn't realise it would cost so much, and we didn't have a lot of choice but pay up.

sam I don't know what we will do if the same thing happens next year after hibernation she might have to take her chances.

At 30/4/07 00:46, Blogger Anvilcloud said...


At 30/4/07 02:40, Blogger Pamela said...

with an expensive family of Testudinidae

I would be quite destitude today

There is a wee poem for you (FOR FREE!)

At 30/4/07 04:02, Blogger my4kids said...

Wow that is alot!

At 30/4/07 06:56, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC not us I can assure you !!

pamela we are pretty much

my4kids far far tooooo much.

At 30/4/07 14:21, Anonymous enidd said...

whew! how many new tortoises could you buy for that?

At 30/4/07 23:16, Blogger ChrisB said...

enidd I have heard they fetch several hundred pounds to buy, I might just put it to the test if I get hard up. I always used to tease the girls that I was saving them for my old age and would sell them then (such a cruel mother).


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