Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why does it always happen to me!!

On Monday I invited some of my ex-colleagues to lunch. I was up bright and early cooking and generally preparing for their arrival. Things were going quite well, and as there were only going to be seven of us I decided on a sit-down meal rather than a buffet. I chopped veg to go with the humous, made a hot pasta dish, prepared salad and smoked salmon, made a cinnamon apple cake to serve hot with custard, prepared a fresh fruit salad and set out a cheese platter. The final thing was to cook sticky apple, sausage and bacon roast. I saw this recipe in the daily paper taken from the BBC Good Food magazine and it looked easy and quick to cook but I hadn't tried it out.
All went well until tossing the apples in and 'cook for 10 minutes, until the sausages are cooked and the apples are sticky and caramelised' turned out to be nearer to half an hour. Even that was OK because everyone was chatting and happy. Finally while everyone else was in the dining room getting seated I was left in the kitchen putting the 'sausages' into a serving bowl. In my haste I rushed from the kitchen, caught my toe on the step and the dish left my hand and landed upside down on the floor in the breakfast room. There on the new carpet was a sticky mess, I was upset because it had looked so good, but of course I couldn't serve it (could I.... no I didn't). At the time I didn't think to take a photo and I couldn't attempt to clean it other than cover in paper until everyone had left.
Although I've been cleaning the carpet everyday since, it's still showing signs of the stain so if anyone has a good idea for removing carpet stains please let me know. To date I have tried a grease spot remover, vanish stain remover and carpet cleaner.
The stains look worse than this photo shows.

Today we have vote in local elections so I took my mother around to the polling station quite early, she was really worried she would put her cross in the wrong place and of course they wouldn't let me help (in case I was influencing her choice- I'd already done that -joking). I folded her ballot papers in full view of those officiating and noticed she had not completed one of them which was lucky.

I have also been swimming here:
They have a closed session on a Thursday for people who have disabilities and I have been going with my friend Tina, who takes a friend's daughter. It's a really super session, everyone is very friendly and it's lovely to see those with limited mobility enjoying themselves in the water.
When I opened my bag to get my swimming costume out there was a very pleasant aroma of shower gel. You've probably already guessed the lid had somehow leaked and although it was in a separate pocket, it had seeped through into the main section of my bag (I normally put it in a plastic bag serves me right for carelessness) and my costume was covered. It was very cold putting it on and I had to take a long shower to wash it all out before entering the pool, I could just see me stepping into the pool only to find the water going all bubbly, luckily this did not happen.

After this I went for a 'waxing session' enough said except no problems encountered. I finally arrived home just before 2pm, had a quick pick-me-up coffee, some lunch and then on to blogging.
Now I think I'd better go and wash out my sports bag as I need it for tomorrows swim.

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At 3/5/07 17:59, Blogger Beccy said...

I think I'd like to try that sticky apple, sausage and bacon roast.

Not the one that went on the floor of course!

At 3/5/07 18:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

I intend to do it again I think you would all like it. I will do it next time you come or I will give you the recipe.

At 3/5/07 19:32, Blogger Sam said...

we would have eaten it from the floor.

poor mum - what a disaster zone.

we all have bad days, right?

At 3/5/07 19:44, Anonymous enidd said...

oh, poor you, chris. enidd hopes there was plenty to eat. do you have a dog? stalin would have polished up any spillings for you.

At 3/5/07 20:21, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam that's ok for dad but not visitors.

enidd thankfully I always do way too much food so we did have enough. I could have done with Stalin and maybe he would polished off 16 sausages wrapped in bacon so quickly the carpet wouldn't have stained. Of course he would probably then have thrown up and I'd be back to square one!!

At 3/5/07 20:38, Blogger Asha said...

Hope you are ok Chris!Carpets can be cleaned.Our little pees in the same spot sometimes and no matter what we do ,you cant just get that yellow spot out of there!:)

At 3/5/07 20:44, Blogger ChrisB said...

asha I might end up getting in the professionals but I was hoping not to incur that expense (so soon after the tortoises) if I could do it myself.

At 3/5/07 21:00, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

OH boy - it was NOT your day!!!

believe it or not - give some WD-40 a try on that stain and blot it really good. That might work.

At 4/5/07 09:26, Blogger ChrisB said...

karmyn I will try this thanks (I use WD40 for cleaning my black stone hearth and it's good for that)

At 4/5/07 19:01, Blogger elena jane said...

what a shame about the spill, i hope it didn't ruin the rest of the party for you!! (tho i think it might have put a damper on it at least). can you rent/borrow one of those small carpet cleaners (rather than having someone come in?). what about some sort of oxycleaning product? or a cover up rug? ;-)
the swim sounds lovely, tho at least you didn't make your own bubble bath in the pool :-)

At 4/5/07 19:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

elena jane I have been trying karmyn's remedy on the carpet today and I do believe it looks a little better.


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