Friday, April 06, 2007

Sierra Mijas (mountain trip by cablecar)

I'm getting towards the end of my Spanish saga so you won't be bored for much longer. Although I know I have a captive audience in my family, I guess this is the equivalent of the 'you must come and see our slide show' well I can't see you stifling the odd yawn, nor can I see you hop onto a more interesting blog so I am quite happy prattling on.

You may recall this photo of the Sierra Mijas mountains that we could see as a backdrop to our holiday venu.

The day before we were due to return home was the day we decided to take a cable car ride up 2,750 metres into the mountains to look at the views. We left it until the afternoon and unfortunately this was the one time it became slightly cloudy and overcast. It was very windy and rather cold and the view was spoiled by the mist that suddenly descended.
We could see the vast amount of development that is still going on in this already overcrowded area of the Costa-del-Sol.

This solitary flower was a pretty sight growing from a rock.

It was a bit too cold to sit through the whole of the rather mediocre exhibition of horse training and we decided not to wait until the next Falconry display. The donkeys looked a little forlorn and I couldn't persuade my friends to trek to further vantage points on foot. So it's fair to say you need to pick the right day for this jaunt into the mountains. It will always be a lot colder and warm coats and sensible shoes are a must.

The actual ride in the cablecar was very enjoyable. I don't like heights but I was too busy getting a birds eye view of villas and appartments on the way up to let it worry me. I would have been less happy if I was staying in one of them. Can you imagine having a constant steam of cablecars overhead and being oggled by strangers. Not my idea of a fun holiday. Once we reached our destination there were lovely views from the different vantage points.

We packed quite a lot into this holiday. The warm climate, friendly people, relaxed lifestyle and rich culture, oh and the sangria, makes it an attractive destination and I would like to hope I can return to visit other areas of Spain in the future.

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At 6/4/07 09:35, Blogger Beccy said...

I love cable cars, especially up snowy mountains.

It's a shame you didn't get to explore a bit more.

At 6/4/07 11:43, Anonymous Stephanie said...

Wow. Lovely holiday!!

My husband is a falconer. Yep. For real!!

I'm saluting your family today! Come see!

At 6/4/07 12:14, Blogger Sabrina said...

You had me at "sangria". mmmmmm. . .i love Spain--glad you had a great trip! I'm amazed at your bravery to ride the cable car--I would have been paralyzed with fear!!!

At 6/4/07 13:26, Blogger ChrisB said...

stephanie thank you for the family tribute I think I started writing an epistle in the comments.

I was sorry to have missed the falconry display, I think it's very clever how they train the birds.

sabrina I concentrated on enjoying the view and I had imbibed a little wine with lunch beforehand!!

At 6/4/07 13:59, Blogger Asha said...

I love looking at the vacation picture.Look at that flower growing on the rock!!! Life is beautiful!!!

At 6/4/07 15:12, Blogger frannie said...

I love the flower growing out of the rock. how amazing nature is.

what a lovely vacation.

At 6/4/07 16:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

asha and frannie the flower was just sitting there crying out to be photographed. It's amazing how it could thrive in such bleak conditions.

At 6/4/07 17:27, Blogger Steffi said...

Fantastic pictures!I enjoy it see your vacations pictures!

I wish you "Happy Easter"!

At 7/4/07 12:33, Blogger ChrisB said...

steffi thank you. I hope you have sunshine like us for Easter.

At 7/4/07 13:42, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

You always have such great holidays Chris!! Excellent photos too!

I think that if ever you get fed up with being recently retired you should get a part time job with a travel operator!!

At 7/4/07 19:03, Blogger ChrisB said...

sally how I wish- that would suit me nicely!!


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