Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day 9 Winter Warmer

Every year a friend of mine gives me a pumpkin and I have to turn it into soup which we share.  Not quite sure who gets the best deal!!! She gave me the pumpkin last week and I just left it in the bag until I was ready to use it. So, yesterday, I thought I'd better make the soup as I was going swimming with my friend and she could easily take her half home. Imagine my surprise when I took the pumpkin out of the bag it wasn't her usual home grown variety but shop bought from Morrisons. When I tackled her about it she promised to do better next year and go back to growing!!

I combined two recipe's (made up my own really LOL) and the soup turned out fine, my friend went home, happy, with her jug full. I've just had a bowl for lunch and although I shouldn't say it, it tasted good and it was warming on a chilly day. My friend wouldn't dare to contradict this in case I decided not to make it next year!!!!
Just in case you are wondering why we started this tradition. When we went on a trip to New England, we had pumpkin soup when we were in Boston and we enjoyed it so much we decided to make it when we got home.

I have previously posted both recipes 2006

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At 10/11/13 02:10, Blogger karisma said...

I love pumpkin soup. I make it with any pumpkins, homegrown or not. Love adding in sweet potato too. Mmmmmmmmm yum.

At 10/11/13 09:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

Karisma I recently saw a recipe in a magazine that included sweet potatoes, so might try that next time.

At 10/11/13 13:31, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I am one of those people who doesn't adore the taste of pumpkin, but it's okay in a pie when you can smother it in whipped cream. :)

At 11/11/13 12:35, Blogger Beccy said...



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