Sunday, June 10, 2012

Enjoying an evening with friends

Anyone who read my blog a few years ago may remember the trip I took (with my friend Tina)  to Canada to visit a friend who returned to live in Toronto. 
These last few days Kim (on the right) has been on a very quick visit to see her family and yesterday we met up for the evening. I always marvel at the way one slips right back and it feels like we only saw each other yesterday! We had a lovely evening and as you might guess we didn't stop talking. Kim has issued us with an open invitation to visit again and see a little more of Canada so I'd better get saving!

Now why didn't they tell me my collar needed straightening before the waitress took this snap!!!!

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At 11/6/12 01:34, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Old friends are good friends.

At 11/6/12 15:38, Blogger john.g. said...

You look just fine! xx

At 16/6/12 12:34, Blogger ChrisB said...

Thanks AC and John

At 23/6/12 03:22, Blogger Pamela said...

Just today I had wally take a photo of my hair cut off .. and my collar was up.

We just have to have something like that so we won't be perfect.
Bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha


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