Friday, June 08, 2012

Flaming June!!

In the past few weeks I think we have experienced weather from every season. Just when we thought summer was on it's way with a week of hot weather; and hosepipe bans being introduced to many parts of the country. There was a dramatic change and it was rain, rain and more rain!! Last night we had gale warnings for my area and sure enough the wind over night was ferocious. In my back yard, bins were blown over, garden furniture scattered and Embee's lovingly nurtured tomatoes, which were in a little plastic greenhouse, (tied to a trellis), had been blown about.
Luckily the plastic green house was in the yard (however this is now ripped beyond repair so it might have been better if it had been blown away completely!). Two of the tomato plants were snapped in half leaving him to rescue the remaining two. We only ever grow four plants which normally produces enough for our needs so lets hope for a bumper crop on the two we have left; Embee thinks it might be a bit late to get replacements!
I took a couple of photos but they don't really reflect the ferocity of the wind, hope it subsides soon.
Not sure if the tomato plants will be safe here, until we get out to buy a replacement greenhouse!
The rhubarb is taking a beating!
Oh, and in the news it said they are 'thinking' about lifting the hosepipe ban!!
This is certainly 'flaming June'!!!!

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At 9/6/12 04:27, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It seems to be unpredictable everywhere this year,

At 9/6/12 13:02, Blogger Cleanknickers Fulltummy said...

It looks so green!! It might not show the wind, but the grass is so pretty! Loved the silver jubilee photos btw. I have fond memories of that too. I cannot believe it's 35 years ago!! :)

At 9/6/12 15:26, Blogger john.g. said...

Two words. "Global Warming". What a con!!

At 10/6/12 09:53, Blogger Molly said...

Weather has been quite unusual for us this year too with lots of very windy days.

At 10/6/12 17:42, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC It's pretty depressing when we're almost at the longest day!

CF I'm not sure the grass is quite that green but that's how the photo turned out (taken through the glass)!

John what's that LOL!!!!

Molly I'm not sure which I dislike most the wind or the rain!

At 23/6/12 03:23, Blogger Pamela said...

what is a hosepipe ban?

At 23/6/12 13:07, Blogger ChrisB said...

Pamela do you call them 'hose' used here for getting water outside in garden(yard) here one would pay extra water rates. We have water butts for watering the garden-some people would just fix up a hose and leave it running this uses masses of water!


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