Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tunisia # 10 Sahara Desert (part 2)

We headed out into the desert, some riding camels and the rest of us in our horse drawn 'carriages'.

In the distance we could see ruined buildings and a few palm trees and that was where we were headed.

As we got closer to the palm trees we saw a herd of goats appearing out of the sand dunes.

I'm not quite sure what they find to eat but they looked in good condition.

I think I imagined that we would see sand dunes that were much higher, but that was to come later in the day when we visited Nefta and Ong Jemel.

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At 11/11/09 02:43, Blogger wendishness said...

It's a beautiful yet bleak landscape isn't it. Amazing to see animals thriving out there, I also wonder what they live on.

At 11/11/09 05:43, Anonymous Kila said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. :)

At 11/11/09 11:57, Blogger Barbara said...

Chris how wonderful we get to share your photos and Tunisian experience. I would not have been able to resist those scarves. I wondering if when you had to pay .50P to take photos could you take as many as you want for 50P or 50P per photo.

At 12/11/09 14:45, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It's beginning to look the way I want it to look in my head.

At 14/11/09 19:40, Blogger Pamela said...

kind of like Lions of the Desert -- or one of those movies.

I expected to see Anthony quinn

At 15/11/09 17:11, Blogger Amrita said...

Lovely pictures. Goats can eat the dryiest of grass and thorny leaves I suppose.


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