Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Monday # 129 Scars

This week Lil Mouse really does want us to reveal all she says:

I’m putting forth an extreme Fun Monday challenge. One totally unexpected and that will force you to put yourself out there. Then again, why are you blogging if not to challenge yourself? This week, I challenge you to show us your scars. Scars can be physical or emotional, they can be a reminder of something good or a warning against repeating past actions. They are often (like most experiences) great teachers. If it’s a physical scar, tell us how you got it, if you learned anything from the experience, and what you think of when you see it. If it’s an emotional scar, how did you come by it and what has it taught you?

I didn't have to ponder long on the physical scars as I have two, neither are very visible these days as they blend in with all the wrinkles I've suddenly developed.

The first one under the right side of my chin I got when I was about 14, I was staying with a cousin (a year older than me) and I was being introduced to his friend's dog (they lived next door). Suddenly and without warning the dog, an Alsatian, jumped, put his paws on my shoulders and gave me a nip under the chin. It all happened so quickly but I do remember a lot of blood for what was actually quite a small wound. I was absolutely devastated when the family, immediately, had the dog put down. I don't think the boy (can't remember his name now) ever forgave me. It didn't put me off dogs but it made me realise how careful you need to be when you own one.

The second scar I got when I was around 30, and this also involves an animal. This time I was horse riding and we were lining up our mounts ready to canter along a bridle path. The horse in front of me suddenly kicked out its back legs and caught me on the right shin. It was so painful I looked down and saw a little blood seeping through my jodhpurs but it didn't look too bad and I certainly wasn't going to spoil the ride by complaining. It wasn't until I actually got home and peeled off the tight jodhpurs that I realised how deep the wound was (if you're squeamish don't read) as you could see the bone. It took quite a while to heal and foolishly I wouldn't give up playing tennis which didn't help. The scar is about an inch long and hardly shows now.

My eldest daughter thinks it would be gross to show pictures and you may agree....they weren't very clear anyway!!! LOL.

I have written about emotional scars before so I don't think I'll revisit those. But I will say it's very difficult not to be influenced by things that happen to you and I know there are certain traits in my character which is the result of baggage collected along the way (if that makes sense).

Have a great week.

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At 17/8/09 14:34, Blogger Beccy said...

I never knew about the dog mum, how sad it was put down but I guess the family didn't want to risk anything worse happening.

At 17/8/09 15:29, Blogger Sam said...

You are going senile mum - you were wearing jeans and you didn't wait til you got home - we were at the stables when you rolled them up to look at the wound.

At 17/8/09 15:59, Blogger john.g. said...

Going senile says Sam! This explains a lot!


At 17/8/09 16:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam are you sure, I never rode in jeans!

John very wise to scarper I'll get my own back wait til weds LOL.

At 17/8/09 16:53, Blogger Faye said...

I appreciate your attitude about the dog bite, ChrisB. We just don't understand how quickly a dog can be startled by an unexpected movement or their poor eyesight and lash out in defense. Many dogs have suffered the same cruel fate as the one that bit you. I too carry around a scar from separating two fighting dogs when I was a four-dog family! Remember how painful a dog bite can be.

There's a bit of emotional pain in my "scar" story. But like you, don't feel the need to get too deep in the undercurrents on my blog. Agree with older daughter--good to ration sightings of all kinds of scars in etherspace!

At 17/8/09 17:16, Blogger Sam said...

ok - i may be wrong about the jeans - maybe you changed into jeans and the blood soaked through them on the way home, but you definitely saw the bone in the stables, cos I saw it too and it was pretty horrific.

At 17/8/09 17:27, Blogger Lil Mouse said...

oh, I dont think scars are so bad, no matter what the age. I showed my saggy baby belly for goodness sake! Thanks for playing. I have been stepped on by a horse, knocked off twice, and bitten on the head by one. Guess I've really taken my lumps, haven't I? Too bad about the dog..

At 17/8/09 20:39, Blogger Beccy said...

I remember coming home from school and you sitting there with a bucket of bloody water dabbing at the wound. I can only assume Sam was at school as well.

At 17/8/09 20:40, Blogger Beccy said...

I remember seeing the bone too.

At 17/8/09 22:17, Blogger Pamela said...

daughters are such party poopers. no photos..

sometimes dogs aren't even trying to bite... maybe just excited and it happens without them even being aggressive.

At 17/8/09 23:17, Blogger karisma said...

I have been bitten by dogs a few times in my lifetime, only because I have a tendancy to be in the way at the wrong time. Lucky I have no scars to show for it. I remember the first time I got bitten I was saving a cat! LOL! The dog got me instead trying to reach the cat. The next one bit my ankle while trying to bite my 3 year old as we had the hide to be walking up the street. That one got my boot up its butt and its owner got a rare lashing from my tongue on good pet ownership. The dog was a menace and should not have been out of its yard. Funny how I am not scared at all of dogs considering.

Now horses LOL thats another story.

At 18/8/09 02:35, Blogger Sayre said...

Ow!! That horse-kick hurt just reading about it!

Poor dog. Poor family. Poor you. That must have felt just awful.

I finally got my post up!

At 18/8/09 02:49, Anonymous Janis said...

Glad you were not turned off of dogs after you got bit by one. Some dogs are just more agressive then others. My one n only dog bite was about 6 years ago, it got me in the back of my leg, I was in his space delivering meals on wheels to his owner. It did kinda make me a little fearful of dogs after that. That horse kick sounded serious, boy I bet that hurt!

At 18/8/09 02:53, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Wow. It's a wonder you still like animals. LOL. You just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

At 18/8/09 12:57, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I've only got two main ones myself... one on my knee when i 'fin-chopped' myself on my left knee surfing as an early teen, and a small one on my left side after a small thing was removed with one long stitch in place. I've been lucky that way :)

Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and thank you for sharing yours :)

At 23/8/09 01:53, Blogger Sandy said...

Gotta watch those critters! Sad that the dog was destroyed, but my family probably would have done the same thing.

Terrific post.


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